Activating Room Lighting app from RM

I'm trying to activate a Room Lighting app instance from RM but the only way I have found to do it appears to be pretty cumbersome when using modes. I'm hoping that I'm just missing a piece of the puzzle here so I would be happy to be shown a better way of doing this.

The way I'm doing it now is by using the "Activate Room Lights for Mode/Period" function, but that only lets me specify one RL app and one mode at a time. So to activate an RL app for all modes I have to replicate this action as many times as I have modes. I would like to be able to activate the RL app no matter what the mode is, similar to just hitting the "Activate" button in the RL app.

Is there an "activate" function available that is similar to the "Turn Off Room Lights" function where I can select several RL apps and activate them with no regard to mode? (Mock up below based on the "Turn off" function)

Many ways to do this. One is to use a Hub Variable as a Means to Activate, and control that from RM. Another is if you have an Activator Device, just control that from RM.


I've been using a virtual switch as Means to Turn on, and I've been using that with RM successfully too. I was just hoping there was a direct way of activating an RL app without having to use a secondary device as the vehicle, just like when turning off an RL app from RM. I'll continue using virtual switches then for activations :slight_smile:

Use a Hub Variable instead of a device. Uses a fraction of the resources and doesn't fill up your Devices list.


This is almost trivial to add. Next release.


This will be great, thanks. I’ve had problems recently where my room lighting activator on/off does not do the same thing as clicking “activate” in the RL app.

More specifically, the on button for the activator device ends up turning on more lights in the room than what happens when I click activate. It’s strange. I’ve turned on debug logging and I’ll file a separate bug about it soon. In the meantime a direct “activate” command would presumably work around the bug.

Nothing happens on its own, so something is specifically causing this.

What bug?

I’ll file a new bug. I’m only on my phone at the moment so I can’t copy logs. I’ll file it in a few hours and link from here.

Hitting “on” in device activator turns on all lights in the room. Hitting activate in the room lighting app only turns on the lights that should be on and turns off the lights that should be off. This is the “bug” I’m talking about. And I’ll file it soon with debug logs that are hopefully helpful.

You need to post the complete RL setup page. Also, look at the In Use By section at the bottom of the Activator Device page to see if any other app is subscribed to this device.

Will do. Happy to help you guys track down and fix all these RL bugs. It’s great. But has been very rough since launch.

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I have created a new bug report for the issue I'm describing: Activator Device "On" does not do the same thing as "Activate" button in RL app

I had commented here because I think the idea of exposing "activate" on the RL app is related and I wanted to comment in an active topic about RL to avoid filing an isolated bug.

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