Ring/Amazon/Alexa - who needs IFTTT? Not me

I finally got around to trying to "integrate" my Ring devices with Hubitat. The plan was to use Tasker on my wall mounted tablet to send an http request using the new Maker API. Complete fail because my tablet is running Android 5 (I think). :disappointed:

In any case, it occurred to me that Amazon has been adding new device types and features so maybe they added something for Ring devices. To my surprise, they updated the entire app interface.....and....added new features to ring devices.

I setup a routine that turns on my sitting room lights when motion is detected...almost instantaneous....this can be used with a virtual device in hubitat and then the limit is your imagination.

One of my planned uses was to setup announcements on my Sonos devices as well. Guess what, Amazon has me covered there too..using my Echo instead.


Nice find! Amazon seems to really be doing a nice job with adding features.

Yep. They don't relent on the pressure. Google (and everyone else) is doing their best to keep up but the struggle is real. I thought for sure, I would be switching over to Google Home by now...but Amazon knows how to keep me on board.

Just found a new use case for this. Recently my Life360 has been a bit flaky and I would get intrusion alerts walking into the house. I set up my locks to execute a refresh when unlocked but that would probably still allow the false alarm if only momentarily. I think I'll use the Ring motion to push the refresh button instead. Should give a few seconds more for the refresh to kick in.


Very nice. How about locks, are the still unsupported for routine triggers? Would love to be able to use a Hubitat virtual lock as a trigger until virtual switches are supported for triggers via a Skill update.

I’m away from my hub right now and don’t have remote access setup, but just saw the new Alexa Skill this evening.

My locks say "not supported" in routines but I think they added some new stuff. I havent looked in a while but I think this is new.

That was there before the last update. So looks like no progress on that yet. Soon I hope.

Is Ring supported in hubitat?

Not directly. What features would you like to integrate specifically?

Well I like how it is integrating with Alexa. I would like to be notified via echo when doorbell rings or to use the motion for various other rules.

I have Alexa set a virtual switch on when there is motion. The virtual switch has auto off after 5 seconds. I can then use that switch in my rules.

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Well then you're in luck.

Are you familiar with how to make a virtual device in Hubitat?

Yes I can make a virtual device.

Step 1. Create a virtual switch.
Step 2. Set the autoOff on the switch to 500ms
It us now essentially a momentary switch.
Step 3. Add this switch to the list of devices in the Hubitat Alexa smartApp.
Step 4. Create a routine in the Alexa mobile app.
Use the ring doorbell in the "when this happens" section.
Use the virtual device you created in the "Add action" and set it to turn on.
Step 5. Create a rule in Hubitat that does "something" when the virtual device turns on.


This is built in to the Alexa mobile app. Bring up the bell device setting in the apps. There is an announcement toggle switch.

How do I get the ring doorbell into Alexa app? Doesn’t it have to be a device from hubitat?

Are you in the US?
If so, you need to install the Ring skill in the Alexa app. If you are in the UK..sorry it's a nogo for now.
The Ring->Alexa integration is seprate from HE...and super fast..at least for me.

If you're in Canada, you can sign up for an Amazon US account. There's no need to assign a credit card to the account. Then login to that account and you'll have all the stuff Canadians can get. However, you'll have to contact Amazon if you want Canadian Amazon Prime or Unlimited Music on a US account. It's doable, if you use single sign-on, but they have to do adjustments on their backend.

Doesn't work in Canada either?
C'mon Amazon, get your schnitzel together.


It might. I don't know for sure. I've always had a US account, and certain things I've suggest to friends with Echo's has drawn a blank stare. Looked at their Echo app and realized the discrepancies.