Renaming and scaling beyond trophy homes

I view trophy homes as ones that are carefully set up and aren't changed frequently. Often setup by a professional installer.

I think more in terms of a grungy house where things are constantly changing and being rearranged in which the UX is very important. In the current system, how do I change the color temperature for a group of lights and then replace one and want to reconfigure. Doing this with 200 devices can be a challenge.

**It is a bug. period.** It's also a human factors failure.

I'm assuming you mean this as "IMHO". I was always under the impression that a bug was when a program did not respond/react/ etc as the programmer / system designer intended.

I believe what you are calling a bug is merely your opinion on how the HA folks wrote their software.

You might have had better response if you kindly explained why it caused you an issue and politely suggest they consider modifying this behavior in future releases. Just IMHO :slight_smile:


You know, we are all pretty busy, and do respond when we can to users who raise feature requests that are well reasoned, and make sense. Then, there are those posts where one is just afraid to even respond so as to avoid getting into a fight with someone with a seemingly negative attitude. Period. :upside_down_face: .


I’m not sure I understand what this is requesting. DNS support? What about DNS are you looking to do? Also MAC address linking? That’s a thing I’ve never heard of before and I’m assuming “millisecond” is a typo?

The dns is simple -- instead of having to use static addresses I want to be able to use "" rather than trying to manage static addresses. This provides a level of indirection. It normal practice -- using actual static IP addresses is frowned upon.

It's hard to compress decades of experience in a short response and explain things from first principles. I did update my post when I realized the problem was not in sorting but in making spaces significant and then I explained that, give how HTML works, such spaces are not visible in the UX. Especially trailing spaces.

If labels were just a display name this wouldn't be too much of a problem but given that those names are used for linkage it is a major issue.

How can I better explain it to a disparate audience?

Two points:

  1. Your Hubitat is not a ipv4 or ipv6 router. It should be doing absolutely nothing to manage your LAN, and ergo has zero business functioning as a DHCPd or DNS server.

  2. The right place to do this would be your router (or the DNS/DHCP server for your network).

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I can address my hubs by name (instead of IP) just fine. When they get their DHCP address, they register their name in Unbound DNS on my router.

For example - for me this works fine internally:

as does (which is the IP for that hub)


Me too.

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That's not what I'm asking for. I want to use a DNS name where it asks for the IP address. I've tried but it hasn't worked. I looked at the documentation and there is no mention of how to translate a DNS name into an IP address

I can get to the Hubitat itself using Hubitat.local. (Though I would prefer it register itself with Ubiquiti via DHCP). Again, that's not the problem I'm trying to solve.

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Ok - I think I get what you’re saying. Are you referring to identifying a LAN device controlled by Hubitat by a fqdn (or equivalent), instead of an IP address? For example a Shelly switch?

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Exactly. This is also why I got into issues with "Label". The challenge is in managing all the roles and linkages.

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Ah, that makes sense. :slight_smile: I didn't think of that since I use basically no lan integrations in hubitat (they are all in node-red).

Yes, that would be useful at times.

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Just to appreciate my challenge

Ok - I’m not going to get into the Label discussion again, but it should be allowed to use fqdns (or locally resolved names) instead of only IP addresses. That’s a good and valid suggestion.

Some integrations (eg HubConnect) definitely permit the use of resolvable names.

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I'd like to learn more about how you coordinate hubitat and node-red

Can I urge you to post this question in one of the node-red threads?

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Like most home automation platforms, there is a set of node-red nodes to integrate with Hubitat.

With those nodes it makes it very easy to pull in, an write back values to Hubitat. They use Maker API as the communication mechanism.

Why do I use and like node-red? Summarized here: Node-RED nodes for hubitat

Thread on the nodes themselves:

There are also oodles of use examples here as well:

And common pallet choices:




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