[RELEASE] WyzeHub - Wyze Device Integration (no cams yet)

Hello all. I've been working on an app to control Wyze Devices and have it at a point where it is "release ready".

Devices Supported:

  • Wyze Color Bulb
  • Wyze Plug

There is discussion and some work being done on camera support. Still pretty early on that.

Hopefully adding to Hubitat Package Manager soon.


Oh wow, very nice, thank you. I don't have any wyze bulbs or plugs yet because there was no integration. I do have cameras. The vacuum also will be pretty nice, but the door lock will be awesome.

Is this local or Cloud?

Thanks for creating this.

I have only about three Wyze plugs, bought on a whim as an experiment. They're not quite as reliable as my Z-wave stuff, but are in non-critical uses. Still, will be nice to integrate them into the borg that is my HE system.


The lock should be easy to add. It's been done for Homebridge so it's just a matter of reproducing that functionality. I'll add it if I get my hands on one (not super keen on spending the $100 tho) or someone else can feel free to add.

Also a note on the bulbs. This will only work for the color bulb right now. The CT bulbs use different commands. Easy to implement but since I don't have one I didn't want to add code without being able to test it.

Cloud. It just makes calls to the undocumented Wyze API.

FYI ... found a bug with the refresh token logic (in that it doesn't work). Will post a fix soon.

In the meantime if your wyze connection stops working, re-login by editing your login settings and that should resolve the issue.

This is great. I'll be able to kick IFTTT to the curb now.
I was scratching my head why I couldn't get the Wyze Plugs to show up in the Simple Automation Rule app as something I could control. I then took a look at the driver code for the Plug and Plug Group. There isn't the Switch Capability.
Once I added capability "Switch" to the code they now work anywhere a Switch works in apps.

Want one? I've been trying to get rid of it but nobody in Bismarck wants it lol.

Hm. I'll look in to this. Or if you don't mind, you could submit a PR back to the vNext branch.

Update on this. Turns out it wasn't a refresh token issue, it was a rate limit issue. Apparantly refreshing my 19 devices every 10 seconds tripped some rate limit eventually. It took multiple days of refreshing ever 10 seconds though, so that's weird. Getting a new Access Token / Refresh token pair resolved the issue though.

Going to rethink the refresh logic. Maybe just have the devices refresh less often and assume folks aren't updating their devices from Wyze often once they add them to Hubitat.

Two pull requests sent, Plug and Plug Group.

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