[RELEASE] Tuya Switch Module Driver with Device Health Status

Split this out from the Lidl stuff which is made by Tuya but rebranded.


Search for the keyword "Tuya" on Hubitat Package Manager and you should see "Tuya Drivers from BirdsLikeWires". Requires HPM v1.8.7 or later. Or install manually from the link below.

The IKEA repeater is for scale, it snuck into the picture.

I've got the one, two and three-way versions and intend to update this driver once I've had chance to hook up my test setup again.


This driver has been updated to support the healthStatus custom attribute.

Use @kkossev's Device Health Status to give yourself a nice system overview.

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I just try to add the healtstatus capability to some drivers (hubitat) and I would like to know if the capability works on yours? I mean, can you use it as trigger with webcore or rule manager?

Yeah, it needs to be used as a custom attribute in Rule Machine, iirc.