[RELEASE] Sure PetCare Pet Door Integration

This integration allows you to control your Sure PetCare Cat Door Connect or Pet Door Connect (https://www.surepetcare.com/en-us/pet-doors) from HE using their cloud API. This is a port of the ST app/drivers but with all feature support (including notifications using the Hubitat Mobile App). Thank you to @Kulfsson for the idea, for letting me do some trans-Atlantic testing on their cat door, and for confirming everything works properly. You can access this from Hubitat Package Manager or on Github at GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-sure-petcare-petdoor



@dman2306: Thanks for this! I'm currently looking into getting one of these and was looking for integration options. So, if I understand this correctly, the device doesn't connect directly HE, correct? If that's the case then I'll need to get their hub as well, right?

Thanks again!

I believe that’s true but I’ll let @Kulfsson weigh in since he owns the device.

@luniel, yes you need the hub still as that is you gateway. The hub connects to the internet and then to the flap via some kind of wireless connection (not sure what). Make sure you buy the "connect" version as that is the one that can connect to the hub, and make sure you buy it with the hub (as it is also available without): Microchip Cat Flap Connect

I am very happy about this flap and the great driver that @dman2306 released and works really well.

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Thank you so much for the confirmation! I'm about to invest in two of these and wanted to be absolutely sure before spending the money.


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I started looking into this Pet Door this morning. I'm only seeing a 7" x 6" door. Do all of you who are using it have cats and small dogs? No way my German Shepherd fits more than her head through that.

The doors are all small really. We got the one designed for a cat, and our cat just barely fit through it. Had to upgrade to the Pet Door Connect, which is really the perfect size for a regular sized cat. Probably also perfect for a small dog about the size of a regular sized cat.

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We have the Pet Door Connect, too, because our cats are big. Our smaller dog might just squeeze through, but the slightly bigger dog can’t get through.

Agreed, it’s a fine product, but it would be nicer if there were a third and bigger size.

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Is anyone that is using this integration having trouble lately? Mine stopped working a couple of weeks ago. It no longer registers if my cat is present or not. Everything else woks fine. I can still lock and unlock the flap. Looking at the Sureflap app on iphone I can see that she is inside or out.

Mine is working. Note, however, that a two-line edit needs to be made to lines 694 and 695 in the app as of Hubitat firmware 2.3.0.x because of stricter type checking in the updateSetting() method. See my post here:

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Thank you. I have made the edit though not sure it will help with my problem...will report back.

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When the type checking fails, updates stop. You will know quickly because the updates happen every minute or so. Just shove the cats through the door a few times to test. They will enjoy that.

Hahah, mine is so timid that if I shoved her out I'd probably never see her again! Thanks for the help bud.

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tag 958.000002008203. DEVICE 2021-12-07 15:42:12.841 GMT
tag 958.000002008203. DEVICE 2021-12-07 15:41:12.807 GMT

That's what I see in my device log for the pet device. Pretty sure it didn't used to do that. I just did as you suggested and shoved her through! SO it does seem to have improved a little as before the log wasn't updating at all.

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Note also that Dominick Meglio (@dman2306) made a few minor bug fixes back in April of this year, working privately (and remotely) with me. Remarkably, he doesn’t even have one of these doors to test with, so I gave him credentials for mine and he did it from across the country. So, if you haven’t updated since April of this year, first update (preferably using HPM) and then apply the two-line fix.

Dominick has contributed so much to this community. He’s my hero, and I am so thankful for all he has done.

Yeah, i plan to make a cleanup pass through this integration and submit a GitHub PR. This integration generates a flood of unnecessary events. The pet microchips certainly don’t need to be reported every minute. Surely no one but a sadist would be surgically removing and implanting their pet’s microchip 60 times an hour.

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Thanks, I actually contacted Dominick first who sent me here. I have completely removed the app and reinstalled it via HPM three or four times in the past week. Definitely am up to date and have now added the Date edits like you suggested. Does my log look right to you above?

Yes, if you have Debug logging turned on for the app. I turned it off because it was flooding my logs. Most apps schedule to turn off debug logging after 30 minutes, this one does not.

Mine is totally screwed in that case...my debug logging is off! Arrrghhhh!!

And you hit Done after turning the “Enable debug logging” switch off?

These are the two jobs that the App should have scheduled:

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