[RELEASE] Sonoff RF 433MHz Bridge


This driver is only for the RF Bridge if you need a complete product support, don't hesitate looking at [Release] Tasmota 7.x/8.x firmware for Hubitat + Tuya, Sonoff and other drivers


  • Availability of all device parameters
  • Driver automatic version check (every 7 days at noon)
  • Configurable logging levels
  • Scheduled State Check

Status: Currently this driver only support the creation of Shade and Switch devices and it's usage is mainly to replay RF commands.
The capturing of the individual RF codes needs to be done by hand, but this should be a ones in a time action.

Requirement: To be able to use this driver the device needs to be flashed with the Tasmota firmware as it uses the API


  • Add support for Shade setPosition by implementing (cycle_time)

Download: GitHub


Just ordered one off the back of this...thank you.

No problem.
Plus if you hack it with Tasmota + Portisch you're going to be very happy.

I have now even decommissioned my RFXCOM, this combination supports more protocols and is simpler to manage.


What does the hacking with Tasmotea/Portisch get you?

Actually I forgot to mention on the original post, but this is a requirement for this driver.
With these two new firmwares you will no longer need the official mobile app, it enables a WunUI+API and adds support for decoding more RF codes.

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Tasmota is the firmware you need on the Sonoff RF Bridge to use this driver. The stock firmware will not work. Portisch is a firmware for the RF chip of the Sonoff RF Bridge, it adds support for sending more types of signals and also runs much faster than the stock firmware.

One thing I would like to add though, this is a polling driver for those that care about that. Not very high frequency polling though.

EDIT: Posted this at the same time as above, but yes, same thing.

I have blinds from Somfy and 3 garage doors on various different 433Mhz based remotes - should i be confident of getting them all working with this Tasmota/Sonoff RF Bridge? :slight_smile:

With Tasmota+Portisch it is very likely, the range is another thing, that all depends on your specific circumstances, in my building I can't transmit more than 6 meters outside the room where my Sonoff is... Your miles may vary. As long as the device is 433 MHz most things which don't use rolling codes work with this.

I have not personally tested it with Somfy but I has very strange shades and with Portisch I was able to make all them work.
@markus, has a good point, what I have done to workaround this is place the bridge in the center of the house (it just need WIFI connectivity).

Yes, or get more bridges... I have three... That way I can send/receive to/from multiple devices at the same time and in different parts of my flat. Be careful with interference if you go this route though...

Thanks, i'll try in the master bedroom and then will get more bridges. How hard is it to change the hub to be Tasmota/Portisch?

I find it easy, nowadays that I play with electronics a lot, I'm a software guy... But this depends on how comfortable you are with these things. Check the guide and judge for yourself:

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looks manageable :slight_smile:

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One thing I would like to add is that I've had Tasmota say that Portisch was flashed successfully even though it wasn't, just something to look out for if you feel nothing works that should be working... Once flashed and working this is very nice and stable.

EDIT: I speak about Tasmota+Portisch, I have not tested this particular driver. I've only used Tasmota+Portisch with another driver on HE (this other driver does not yet handle shades). I did look through the code of the driver and it seems to be doing what it should, and @syepes seems to be confident his driver is well tested and stable.

Actually this driver is relatively generic, for the moment it just creates the devices of type Shade and Switche and send the pre-defined RF codes..
But it can be very easily extended to add other device types, it's just a question of adding tit the JSON string and defining the device driver type..

@markus, Your version is way more complete and integrated then my version, I do not handle all the RF code capturing stuff..

In my case it's been working for the past two weeks and I no longer have to manually control my shades :wink:

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Yes, which is all it needs to, right? :wink: If it works for your use case it is what is needed.

True, but I don't have code sending available in the released version, not had the time to test it fully yet, and it is a more complex driver, not everyone wants that. If you want to get rid of the polling from this driver, look at using my version of the Tasmota firmware, it pushes updates straight to parse... But it will require some changes...

Looks like Somfy uses a rolling code so won't work with the the RF bridge.

I did a check into that now that you say this, yes, no support with RF Bridge for Somfy due to this, but RFLink does work. RFLink is a bit more work and is not as straight forward. For this particular use case there is no working driver, at least not yet. For HE with RFLink, neither mine nor any other RFLink driver will do Somfy right. With that said, it could be done with a custom driver or even just RM4 with http get... Google RFLink and Somfy.
I run RFLink on a board with an integrated ESP8266 and controll RFLink with Tasmota.

Have you been able to implement this? I have the bridge and some shades on the way. This integration looks like it will be perfect for my needs.

Going to reply to my own question, in order to add RF commands to device, simply add necessary strings to parent driver, for example (note json must fit one string)

@Field String VD_JSON = '{"Shade:Livingroom":{"close":"AAB0350508122A05AA018602C6254E012323232323232332323232323223233223232323233223322323232323232323232332323232232455","open":"AAB0350508123E05AA019002C62558012323232323232332323232323223233223232323233223322323232323232323232323323232322455"}}'