Smart 433MHz - Remote to Hubitat

Hello everyone,

I have some Ceiling Fans and electric blinds that I want to integrate with Hubitat.

Ideally, the integration will be local, but an IFTTT type of solution is acceptable if nothing better is available.

I have read previous threads and I see the following options:

So is Bond Bridge the only good option here, or have I missed something else?


  • Here is a pic of the remotes I am tying to automate if it helps in any way
  • The 2 fans seem to operate on the same frequency, but do not open/work with the same remote

i have somfy blinds and use a bond bridge. i created virtual switches (with auto off to act as a button). then when i turn on a virtual switch on, i have a rule that will open/close the respective blind

I also have a Bond Bridge.
Installing the native HE Bond integration automatically installed each blind I set up in the Bond App as a device in HE.
I was then able to set up an automation based on time of day as the trigger, and the action is to raise or lower the blinds.
It works very well, and I believe the Bond will support at least the three remotes to the right. The far left one does not have its frequency listed.

@dadarkgtprince: What is the purpose of a virtual switch? What does that offer that a simple rule as described above does not offer?

when i first implemented my setup, i was using a spare remote and had it connected to a relay, so it was triggering the remote, so virtual switch with auto-off to simulate a button press. when i switched to the bond bridge, instead of rewriting everything, i just changed what each virtual switch did (call the scene from bond). it also helps with the Dashboard to help make buttons on there and have something to interact with


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