Control HE from RF remote

TL;DR; can you recommend a RF remote with a BUNCH of generic buttons?

There are a bunch of topics discussing how to control some RF device from HE, but what about the other direction? (Controll HE FROM RF)

I was inspired by

That allows controlling HE via MQTT with one of these kind of remotes via a ESP based bridge (RF-> ESP Bridge -> MQTT -> HE):

Its original purpose was to 'sniff' for rf remote traffic to keep HE in sync of lights it was controlling. You could then use combination of RF or HE to control lights, with HE always having correct state.

The above is a 4 zone version, I know the 8 zone is also out there but was looking for a remote that has MORE :fist: buttons.

As well as controlling led strip lights (original purpose of remote) I can also control blinds etc from it which I am now hooked on as being very useful. A Universal remote for HE.
Sometimes is quicker to use remote than phone/tablet for simple things.

I want to do something similar but am looking for a remote control with a bunch of generic buttons for this purpose which I could map to different triggers in HE.

Depending on RF frequency, I hope to get it working via something like the

RF over IR for obvious reasons (not having to point it at a receiver).

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I'm following this. I already have a Tasmotized Sonoff Bridge listening for 433Mhz motion and water sensors that control virtual sensors in HE using Node Red. I would love if there was a RF remote that already had the codes assigned to buttons or, even better, you could assign to buttons other than learning from another remote.