[RELEASE] Sinope Device Drivers with advanced functionality

Hi everyone,

This is my first official release, so bear with me (although prerelease here Sinope TH1124ZB - #189 by samuel.c.auclair). I've been coding my own drivers since last years, since the moment I've got the HE hub. So, I've made few custom driver for Sinope devices that are available here:
SinopeDriverHubitat/drivers at main · sacua/SinopeDriverHubitat · GitHub

I've made drivers for the following Sinopé device, with the collaboration of several:

  • TH1123ZB - 3000W thermostat
  • TH1124ZB - 4000W thermostat
  • TH1300ZB - Floor heating thermostat
  • TH1400ZB - Low voltage thermostat
  • SP2600ZB - Outlet (and most likely SW2500ZB - Switch)
  • RM3500ZB - Load control
  • RM3250ZB - Calypso water heater

Those drivers can also be installed with the hubitat package manager (HPM). The name of the package is Zigbee Driver for Sinope device. The difference between the default drivers and those custom drivers are the following:

The Sinope thermostats can show the outside temperature, This temperature can be send to the thermostat via RM with the notification capability. Except for the low voltage thermostat, the energy (in kWh) and the power (in W) are reported. From the energy, an estimation of the cost of heating can be done. The energy and cost value are reported as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly as **lyEnergy and **lyCost. The energy and the cost attribute are also reported for which they approximately represent the energy consumed and the cost of the thermostat since it is heating something.

Moreover, there is a slight delay (2s) when sending heating setpoint. Every time a new setpoint is send within those two seconds, the previous one sending is cancel. This make the thermostats tile in the Hubitat dashboard behaving much better.

The screenshot here show how to log the outside temperature to the thermostat using the notification capability. The outdoor temperature needs to come from another device.

Moreover, advance configuration can be made. Those advance configurations include adjusting the required change in some attributes before sending new values. This become useful if those reading are use to control other devices or for more precise monitoring or to reduce reporting to reduce load on the Hub or Zigbee traffic. The attribute that can be configure is:

  • Temperature
  • Heating demand in % or the power reading in Watts
  • Energy value in Watts-hour

Outlet and Load control
Similar to the thermostat, they can also report the energy which can be interpreted as cost. Those drivers should also works for any ZigBee outlet, except maybe for the energy meter.


Thanks Samuel, your efforts are much appreciated. I use your drivers for my TH1123ZB and they work great.


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+1, using your SP2600ZB for the in-wall outlet I have, and TH1300ZB for my bathroom floor heater.
Your drivers are FANTASTIC. Thank you!

Love seeing the cost calculations!


Hey @samuel.c.auclair -
Looking at the Thermostat and Outlet driver, it occured to me I might have put in the "Electric Cost per Kwh in cent" wrong.

For example, if I know that it costs me $0.1307 per kWh.
Should that be 13.07 as the value here? I guess I'm asking what the definition of "in cents is" as I think I might be overthinking it.

I continue to love your drivers. Thank you!

If the electricity cost you 0.1307$/kWh, yes you should put 13.07. I've decided to put the cost in c/kWh, since at least in Quebec the cost of electricity is defined in c/kWh.

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A few random questions for these awesome drivers.

  1. Outside Temp

I'm about to set this up as I didn't realize it was possible. Temperature in what value should we set for this? e.g. C or F?

  1. Resting Cost values?
    For the Outlets, I'm not sure what happened but my value seem way off. Wondering if there is a way to reset these? My yearly cost definitely is not that much for this device :slight_smile:

For your first question, it should be sent in your default temperature unit, the unit set in your Hub details page. If the temperature of your thermostat is in F, it should be sent in F.

Now concerning your very large value for your cost and energy. This situation should not happen with the updated driver. To reset the value to a lower value, I will need to update the driver, I should publish a new version soon.

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Thank you so much. Yeah my outlet is fine using your driver, this one I've just been ignoring the values, but would love to start tracking them again.

Thanks again!

Can you try the following driver?

You will need to use the following button with to set a new offset value for the energy meter. You could put 0 if you have no idea what to put.

Thank you @samuel.c.auclair
So I replaced the code and that shows up. I put 0 in and it didn't do anything. I tried a refresh, configure, saving the drive again and trying 0 again. But still has the same old values:

I also tried it with the value 1 just in case.
Any thought?

Ok, this is odd that the energy value is still at a very high value. The energyValue that you see in your state variable is the energy value return by the device without performing any calculations. The offset that I've put in the driver is only to ensure that value is always increasing as it should.

So for me what is odd is the very large value return by the outlet. On this side, I can't do anything. However, you can still look at your daily, weekly and monthly values for your energy consumption/ cost.

Eventually the yearly cost will make sense as well once the first of January pass.

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You could maybe put a negative offset value like -38580000, this will make Energy value more in the expected range.

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Thank you. I don't mind waiting, and if it doesn't clear I'll let you know and try that work-around with the offset.

Thank you once again!

Bonjour @samuel.c.auclair!

I have several Sinope plugs SP2600ZB and it looks like some of them are now reporting a cumulating value for daily energy. Everything was good until January 7th (reported values looke good). However, from this date, the daily energy is still increasing and does not match with values reported by Energy Cost Calculator.

Each day, I put the dailyEnergy value into a virtual device (temperature device, °F shall be read kWh) and history looks like this for one plug :

Do you have this issue?

I also have several Sinope thermostat and I don't have this issue: dailyEnergy is reset to 0 each day,

Normally if you go on your device page at the bottom, you should see something like this:

The important one for you is the "resettDailyEnerrgy", if not set, click configure.

If already configure, I can't say why it is not working, maybe your hub is rebooting from other rule at midnight. However, there is a work around. If you have updated your driver, you should be able to reset the daily energy value via a RM using the command "resetDailyEnergy" at the time you want.

Thanks for the work on the Sinope driver. Working great on my four units in Dorset, ON. CA

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