ZigBee in wall outlets

Ground up is the "correct" way to install an outlet. If something falls on it, it would catch the ground first, then maybe contact the live, which would pop the breaker. When installed ground-down, something could be resting on the live terminal and, this, be itself live.

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yeah, however I've only seen this in one commercial building, and I've been in tons of buildings and homes in a multitude of states...


I've never seen this in any home I've visited, not that it's a big sample. Maybe I've been in a hundred homes in my life AND looked at a wall socket. Every wall outlet I have, if it has words on it, such as the manufacturers name, it's oriented ground down. All of my ZWave and Zigbee outlets have the Logo oriented Ground down.

The logic of ground up is interesting... but I doubt I'll go through my house flipping outlets :smiley:


I'm wondering how robust these are. In other words, do we know how they handle power surges, transients, etc. enough to suggest one or more of these in every room of a new house/remodel would be prudent flexibility?

Just thinking out loud here.

One could put in standard outlets that pretty much are good forever, or spend the money on controlled outlets that may or may not be used...which would be OK if they lasted and the Zigbee radio or something didn't get blown by common power events (even someone yanking out a running vacuum's plug accidentally could cause a troublesome spark for some electronics).

They are $35+ each and that might lead you to believe that they are built with quality components and will last longer than an $0.89 standard outlet.

I've replaced both standard outlets and Smart Outlets in this home. The standard outlets have been replaced due to loose fit.. the plug falls out. These outlets are 20+ years old and I think that's a good life span.

I've replaced two ZWave Smart Outlets due to the electronics failing. Both failed with the Relay clacking away. One cycled approximately once a second. The other made the relay sound like a tone.. an alarm almost. Each of these outlets were 14+ months old. I have another dozen Outlets (mostly ZWave) that are older than the two that failed and are working just fine. :slight_smile:

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The electrical code allows outlets to be installed with the ground plug hole facing up, down or sideways. It’s up to you, there is no standard electric outlet orientation. So that means there really is no such thing as upside down outlets.

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I always figured it was code. Admittedly I've only worked with hospitals for anything that mattered electrically, but we have always had the specification to have ground up.

Checking the Google, turns out the Canadian Electrical Code dopes don't care to fix this issue. Apparently ambiguity is AOK in this specific case.

As for words, that is what actually caused me to reorient the outlets in my house; outlets with USB chargers have the company name written with the ground facing up. My GFCI outlets are the same. When I went all decora, I installed them as the originals (ground down), then the "fancy" outlets came along, and I flipped them all in the house.

Added bonus is my appliances with "direcitonal" grounded outlets now all have the cable going towards the ground, which is nice.

A bit OT, but do any of the suggested outlets repeat Xiaomi devices properly?

I have had limited success (a long time ago) in using Sinope outlets (a Canadian company), to repeat Xiaomi devices.

I don't have any Xiaomi, so I'll leave that for others to answer but I have heard that the Ikea (wall wart) products repeat it ok. If you are talking about the new Xiaomi line that are Zigbee 3.0, as far as I've read around here, normal Zigbee repeats fine.

Off topic, but these solve the age old argument.


I love those. My entire kitchen area got updated to be all Adorne. Two of the outlets in that area are GFI versions.

I have Qubino dual relay modules behind their Push switches to control lighting.

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Someone would end up installing them like this :joy::


Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 12.05.17 PM

These 3 outlets push in to hide them completely. I don't have any, but I wish I had the need.. they look too cool. to me.

And if you need USB plugs too...

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 12.13.58 PM


Best Gif Reaction GIF

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Following up on this. Purchased and installed an am very happy with the visuals:

Magical Peculator connected for morning coffee

It's also working fantastic on HE. I was pleasantly surprised the native driver give power reporting as well.


Looking at your pictures and had this thought about electrical safety in a home.

Is anyone taking the power reading off such outlets and monitoring it for 'well above average/excessive levels' with the intent to shut down the outlet WELL BEFORE a breaker would kick in?

I mean sure, this would never replace a breaker...but boy could it prevent some restive device failures from going into meltdown. You might want some AI in there to come up with the normal & expected power level...but maybe not.

Home Automation, making homes safer through layered oversight/protection.
Someday maybe a UL & NEC thing :thinking:

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Wanted to followup here, I continue to have great success with this Outlet (I've since bought another one) and in particular have been using this Custom Driver which gives you some great cost of operation info. e.g. Daily Cost, Monthly Cost, Total Cost, etc.
Drivers for ZigBee Sinope Devices - #2 by the-leafs

Hadn't seen these before.

What's the functional benefit of these? Or is it just a "look" issue?

People argue whether the ground goes up or down, and this way both are correct. You also can plug in two wall warts or 90 degree angled cords without them interfering.

Ahh...didn't think of that, that would be useful. Thanks.

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