ZigBee in wall outlets

Hi all,
I gonna use the ZigBee nyce ceil sensors and for that I need some ZigBee repeaters so it will cover all my home.
I wanted to add some outlets, but I want them to be in wall like the fibaro modules.
Do you know any ZigBee outlet that can work with HE?
By the way, are there differrnt zigbee frequency for each region like zwave? Or tbey are all the same?

I need EU voltage 220v

I use two of these to act as repeaters:

Zigbee is a single frequency, worldwide. You don't mention your location, so I can't tell if there's a Jasco version of this in your area.

What can be different of course is mains voltage... and the link is for the US version.

Thanks for your respond.
Im living in israel so need a 220v device..

What do you thing about this one? Can be work for the existing wall outlets? Will work with HE?

I use these

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I I use these:

Can you get Nyce ceiling sensors? I've looked everywhere the last ~6 months and have found no stock anywhere.

Are you happy with these?
I want to add one to my kitchen, my biggest concerns are;

  1. Is it a good Zigbee repeater
  2. Visually does it look ok? The screenshot makes the top outlook like like it has a ton of markings.
  3. Can you put a different face plate on it to match others?


I use two of these... not quite as many "tattoos" :slight_smile:

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Yes, Yes, and No if you're referring to the actual device plate with the markings on it...
Biggest issues I have with it being the upper outlet is controlled, not the lower.
I much prefer the GE units

You can easily solve this problem by rotating the outlet 180 unless all your other outlets having the ground hole facing down and consistency is your thing.

Yeah, that's even more annoying to me...


Don't some people install them "ground UP" to indicate there's a switched outlet ?? As In: "There's a wall switch somewhere that controls half this outlet."

I actually find the "tattoos" to be worse on the GE. I find them more noticeable. Here is a picture of one of the sinopes installed in my bathroom.

You really don't notice the writing on them at all, but the green light is very bright, and is always on. I use the "Generic Zigbee Outlet" as the device type, so there is no option to turn off the green LED, not sure if there is another way to do it. The green LED does not bother me, so I don't care, but each to their own.

Yes they are good repeaters, and you can use any decora 1-gang wall plate you want. I believe it comes with a decora 1-gang wall plate, but you do not have to use it, I did not.


Have to agree.. it's pretty hard to see any Tattoos :smiley:

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All my ge outlets are the same way. One is controlled, the other isn't. Are there ones with both outlets controllable?

If you use one of those in wall relays, you can make both controllable.

NOTE: This is one of those situations, where I strongly recommend that you use a UL certified relay - you never know what is going to be plugged in.
Make sure it can handle overloads in an acceptable manner.

I'm not aware of a smart duplex outlet where both outlets are controllable.


I don't know if this is still true, but once upon a time, the NEC prohibited outlets with dual controllable outlets (because someone working on the outlet might think it was cold, while it is actually hot).


Tv Land Shock GIF by HULU

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