[RELEASE] SensorPush Gateway Driver

Good idea, always best to use local setup for something as important as heating, etc.

From that I am assuming you installed the code manually? Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) is the preferred method for distributing Community Apps and Drivers for many developers (not all). If you didn't use HPM, that is fine, you just need to copy the code again and overwrite what you have already installed on the HE hub (by that I mean access the Driver Code section, open the driver by clicking on it, select all the text and replace it with the text from my Git repository and click Save). But I would recommend, once you get it working again, to look at using HPM, but let me know and I can work on what the best steps are to easy the transition for you.

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Sweet, all seems good now. Thanks for taking care of this so quickly! Yea, I just do everything manually. I will keep you posted if I experience anything again./. I use this on about 15 sensors and they are all animals so it's important for me this works 24/7! I have them attached to heaters, and misting systems and all that jazz!

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@ohredwood, @par.botes, @Dread_Pirate_Roberts

Given you had posted on this thread, thought I would give you a reminder about an issue that I would expect would affect everyone using this driver, which @demariners and I experienced today. I have released an update to HPM and it is available on my GitHub repository.


Thanks for the post and the tag. Sure enough, when I looked at my dashboard I was having issues. I updated the code and looks like I'm back in business. Thanks for all your work on this driver, I really appreciate it!

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@demariners - Just wanted to let you know (and anyone else using these drivers) I have been seeing similar behaviour with the driver yesterday and this morning, perhaps for a couple of days. I'll take a look, but just wanted to let you know in case you have any issues with your use of the sensors.

Haven’t had any issues since you updated and I’m doing the RM every 3 hours. Hasn’t been an issue for me.

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That's good to hear, hopefully it is just something in my setup.

How do you make a Dashboard that looks like this? All I can get is little squares.

It looks like @par.botes used HubiGraphs, which was a Community developed app, but the developer no longer maintains it. I'm not sure if you can still install it or not, I only tried it out some time ago, but haven't used it really myself.

Aside from the tiles that can display single values, there's no real built-in charting option, hence the reason for Hubigraphs... Other options include sending readings to an external database and using charting tools outside of the HE hub. In my case I send data to InfluxDB and then use Grafana to produce charts, both InfluxDB and Grafana run on a raspberry pi in my case. I use this not only for temperature and humidity charts, but also details from my smart plugs that have energy monitoring and data captured about the state of my HE hubs, such as memory usage, CPU, etc.

I use the free version of Adafruit IO to record data with my current home automation stuff. Using a PI to read various sensors, then post the data to the cloud.

As I have recently moved to Hubitat I've got some new learning to do. I'm a long time home automation geek and recently retired MS stack developer. I'm shocked at the lack of direction\docs for developers getting started with Hubitat.

Your solution intrigues me, how are you sending data to InfluxDB? My approach was going to have the PI use the Maker API to get data from Hubitat. Any links/info to help me learn about your process would be greatly appreciated.

This is the one I landed on for getting data to InfluxDB:

You may also get some useful information from here:

Here are some notes on how I got Grafana charts on my dashboards. Nowadays you don't necessarily need to use the Tile Master driver to achieve the HE dashboard part, you can use any iFrame driver such as the iFrameAdvanced driver here on the Community.

Thanks for all the info. I'm still a Linux noob but am working on that also now that I am retired.

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Yeah, I was somewhere in between, I used Linux a reasonable amount with my first job, but not every day, just to move files around and use the ERP system the company developed. So I was certainly more comfortable in a Windows environment, but had been interested in purchasing a pi for some time. One advantage, I think, particularly for things like this, is so many other people have used things like a rpi or a NAS to set these up, most of the instructions and questions posted on forums work through peoples setup on these systems, so you have a healthy supply of resources to draw on if you get stuck or in setting them up to begin with.

I have recently installed this app, and it's working great, but I'm noticing a couple of errors in my logs regularly:

dev:230 2022-06-15 18:22:00.644 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No json  exists for response on line 262 (method getAccessTokenCallback)
dev:230 2022-06-15 18:22:00.302 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No json  exists for response on line 154 (method samplesCallback)

I'm getting this message every time that is polls the sensors. Is there something that I don't have configured properly? It seems that it is pulling the data properly.

Another thing I'm trying to figure out, is there a way to set a condition to trigger if a sensor hasn't updated in a while, like a low battery or loss of communication. I haven't looked into the API yet to see if there is something that could return a value.

I've been meaning to post about that error. I have been getting it for a while myself. I suspect SensorPush may have changed the timeout on the auth token, but have not confirmed this.

To get around this I (and I would suggest you do the same for the time being) setup a rule in RM to periodically run the getAuthToken command on the gateway device, I think it was every 6 hours. You can do this using the run custom command action.

What I should do is build this regular update into the driver and handle the error you are seeing more gracefully, including initiating an attempt to retrieve the auth token.

I'd like to do this as well, but not sure when I will get to it. You are welcome to take a look and play around with the code, I'm happy to include changes by other developers.



Made some small updates to the SensorPush driver, adding units of measure and description text to the events, as well as description text info logging if enabled. I created a pull request if you're interested in folding in the changes.

Thanks for the driver!

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Thanks, I'll take a look, but can't think of any reason not to include those changes from what you've described. I'd like to make a few of my own, I might include a couple as well.

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Version 1.0.4 released - Added description text and units to temp and humidity events, Added info logs

Thanks again @coreystup

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Thanks so much for creating this! Just received my Gateway and got this app up and running in minutes - bravo!

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