[RELEASE] OwnTracks for Hubitat Presence Detection

I haven't had a chance to review the logs. There is so much there I have to get out the laptop.

Here is an observation though. I tried unselecting notifications for my wife, saved the changes and exited that section of the app. I then went back in and reselected notifications for her. We just left a region (which is where I did the above) add I now have 5 notifications that she left. I only had 3 when we left home this morning. I'm going to disable notifications entirely and see if they actually stop. I'll try and get to the logs this afternoon. I don't know how the code works but it appears like it's adding notifications each time I enter that part of the app.

Yes sorry, after I did the update to 1.7.13 I had to go into the recorder configuration didn't change anything just went next and it started to update again. All seems back to normal again for both phones.

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Not sure if this is an issue or not, just sharing. For a bit after the update I was getting a lot of requests for high accuracy location. Last one about 30m ago, anywhere from a couple minutes apart to ~35m apart.

Thanks. Update seems to have fixed the issue.

I currently have a TrueNAS. Anyone ever install the a Recorder on a TrueNAS? If so, I would appreciate some help. Thanks.


Anyone else seeing http error 504 timeout on Android owntracks. It started this morning. I rebooted, it seemed to go away for awhile but it's back again.

I searched the forum posts and the only other reference to 504 made mention of the thumbnails. I disabled them and will see what happens

The errors are gone for me as well. However, I experienced some strange behavior. The HE devices were not updating properly. When I did a manual location update to try to trigger an update, I was watching the HE devices as I did it. Rather than just updating to the current locatin, the HE devices cycled through many address/locations as if there had been a backlog of updates that hadn't been applied yet. I don't even have Recorder set up either. Hoping things will work now, but i'm afraid the location updates will be held and not applied when they are supposed to. We'll see.

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Reinstalled and still have same issue. I got this error...

I saw that behavior when I forced closed owntracks and restarted the app to clear the error.

I like owntracks but I may look for something simpler to maintain. I only use "home presence" to make sure we locked to door when we leave.

Let me know what you find. I have a combined virtual presence sensors that were initially set up with the Hubitat presence sensor, iPhone Wi-Fi presence sensor, and Life 360. This seemed to work well for years until Life360 stopped working. I replaced Life360 with OwnTracks, which appears to work until an oops with updates, but always looking to make the system more robust. Could easily add a 4th, 5th, etc device to my combined presence sensor to make things more robust.

This is a conversation for another thread but we were/are using 360 too. Android wouldn't be an issue for me. Hubitat presence seems to work in Android. It's iPhone that I'm not that familiar with and there, HE presence process seems to get terminated and not restarted.

Again I really liked owntracks and maybe I'll look at the GitHub page and see about going back a several versions to when I found it to be more stable without so many bells and whistles.

Send me a PM if you want to continue the conversation.

On my daughters iPhone for stickily presence detection I used:

It simplified with only arrive/depart sending commands to whatever virtual presence device you create. I use this in conjunction with Owntracks via Combined Presence:



I think I found a bug under maintenance.

I cleared the data on the OT app on my Android phone because of 504 errors. The errors actually seemed to stop after turning off thumbnails but clearing data seemed up be a logical step to sweep away any garbage.

I set the Android app back up and went into the OT HE app and used maintenance, selected Steve, and hit done to update my phone with settings and regions. It didn't work. The selection wasn't cleared, no updates were scheduled (based on the dashboard at the top of the HE OT app) or occured.

I ended up cycling through the settings sections of the HE app and then I had to edit a region (I shrunk a radius by 1 foot) to force a region update.

Ok strange for sure. No all it does is when a user enters/leaves a region, if they have a person selected in those checkboxes, then that person would (should?) only get a single notification. If you check the logs, does it only show a single "enter home" for example when you get 3 notifications?

That would be "per design". On each 30-minute ping message, the HE app requests the phone returns a higher accuracy location on the next message. This fixes the problem where the Android app would get stale locations and stop reporting until you restarted the app. I guess the giant question is "should that be in the log, or only during debug logging"?


I think it should be in the debug logging area only... Otherwise, it does look like a race condition and quickly fills up the log....

just my personal 2 cents

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Crap! Both of those errors from the migration change. Opening the HE app, and clicking "Done" should fix them.

So if you select them, and then done, go back in and they are still set? Those settings should be deleted on the "done" (no changes in that area).

Did you click the "done" button to leave the app? It only checks/updates once you leave the HE app.

Just checked, and the High accuracy selector is clearing when you return to the app after hitting Done. When I return to the app the field is cleared.

Shot of field cleared after I had selected it for one of the members.

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Yes. I tried multiple times. My name is still checked and I've hit done at least 6 times.

Is there any errors in the HE logs for the app?