[Release] Konke ZigBee Button Driver

I've put up a driver for Konke ZigBee 3.0 Button (based on a Xiaomi Button driver by @veeceeoh).

This button supports a push, double tab and hold (5 seconds). It also fires an event when pressing the reset button, which is exposed as button number 2 (can be used as a secret trigger).

I've been using this driver for over a month now with no issues.

The code: hubitat/konke-zigbee-button.groovy at master · muxa/hubitat · GitHub

Hello, and great that these devices are being integrated. Is there any chance you can integrate the temp/humidity sensor?


Yes, I have a temp/humidity sensor which is waiting to be unpacked, paired and a driver written for. Not sure when I'll have some spare time to do that though. I will post an update here when It's done.


Great, and thanks for your effort. Hope they are more reliable than the Xiaomi ones.

@alejoc I have released the driver for Konke Temp/Humidity sensor: [Release] Konke ZigBee Temperature Pressure Sensor