Konke SOS Button - Java Error

I got an SOS button from Konke and I'm using the Konke ZB Button Driver from:

But I'm getting this error whenever I press the button. I rebooted the device already and same thing.

Can you temporary add this above line 56 :

log.debug "$description"

Then press the button again, we need to see the event data sent by the device which is causing this exception in the logs.

added the line in the driver, saved it.. done......


hit the button twice and got these

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I see where the problem is now, just wonder why the older Konke SOS buttons do not have this problem with the same driver... Can you post your device details from the 'Data' section?

is this what you're looking for?

Yes, this screenshot shows that your SOS button is a different model TS0215A , manufacturer _TZ3000_kf6pogc6 which is not supported by the "Konke ZigBee Button" driver. Muxa's driver has been written for manufacturer: "Konke", model: "3AFE170100510001"

Have you tried this driver: [RELEASE] Nedis Zigbee 4 button Fob/Remote (ZBRC10WT)

wow this one worked! Thank you

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I tried the modified version by tsaaek, and the doubletap function also worked!

this is awesome P)

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