[RELEASE] Inovelli Device Drivers

Im confused -- do we need the fw update to see this behavior?
If I trigger startNotification w/ infinite duration and then physically operate the switch (on, then off) the notification does not return.
Is there an additional parameter I need to issue when activating the notification?

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Yes you need the FW update to fix that.

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FYI, there is a beta firmware that fixes this issue.


I'd prefer to do the update within HE
Any idea on a timeline for the compatible driver?

I believe it would be available in the next few weeks. Here is some information on the progress:


It's coming soon I promise..


It's not fast enough! j/k


OK, If I am using the latest drivers and want to move away from Child device notifications to the [start|stop]Notification command. How do I get it so the driver doesn't re-create the child devices every time I save preferences? I actually have some other devices that I had used to test notifications that I would like to remove these child devices from as well.

You have to reset the notifications in the preferences to the defaults if you dont want to use them.

I do not have a way to set this back to Click to set. Is there something else I should do?

You are correct -- I'll have @ericm to have a look at that.

Ahhh...very nice. The persistent notifications are greatly appreciated. I get to retire my refresh rule every time the state of the switch changes. Thank you gents!


Some drop downs have the option for "No Selection", but I could not find out how to trigger that for the Notificaiton drop downs. I tried a bunch of different things and couldn't find any consistent way of doing it.

In the latest driver I have made it so if you choose "Off" as the effect it will delete the child device. If for some reason that fails, you can go delete it manually. It shouldn't be recreated if the effect for the notification is set to "Off".

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Thanks I will try this today!

UPDATE: This is working fantastically! Thanks!

Ran into a bug that was preventing the removal of children with the LZW30-SN driver. I submitted a pull request that should fix it.

Hmmm, I'm not seeing the pull request. Can you post a link to it?

Looks like when I tried to submit it for a pull request it was merged with my previous pull request. The line change should be similar to the one from the dimmer.

I am unable to post links yet but it is the last commit in the "Added dimming speed to on and off commands for the LZW42" pull request.

K, I will check it out.

Any ETA on the driver yet @bcopeland ?

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just installed the LZW30-SN driver from your github, but WHERE AND THE HECK does one get the "Generic Component Switch" child as i see it mentioned in the code "addChildDevice("hubitat", "Generic Component Switch", ...