[SNEAK PEEK] Z-Wave firmware updating inside HE

Sneak peek... I am able to transfer a firmware image to a z-wave device inside an HE driver...

This is no where near ready for any stage of release but thought y’all might find this interesting..


It downloads a firmware update otz file (intel hex) compressed image..

Processes it into a byte array

Does crc checksum validation on the whole image and then reads the compressed header... uncompresses the compressed contents and verifies checksum on compressed contents from the checksum in the header...

Then processes 2,572 fragment requests from the device...


Awesome! But that would only work if the manufacturer gives you that raw file location? which most don't :slightly_frowning_face:.


Yes they have to give you the file or provide a url to the file.. But it is the standard update file ... I have also tested this in an earlier form by extracting the image from the aeotec updater EXE


Is there a source for GE switch and dimmer firmware. Last time I looked there was not or I couldn't find it, anyway.

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No idea

This is just a proof of concept at the moment.. But pretty freaking awesome


I was absolutely breathless waiting for the success of chunk 2144 and totally relieved when it succeeded. :wink:

This is great. All Mike would have to do is rewrite all the drivers or could something like this work like the basic zwave tool? Replace the driver with an update driver, do the update and then switch back to the real driver.


:+1::+1: Like the sound of that, the only reason I have brought aeotec in the past is because they provide the updates files, but it's a pain in the butt to do. If this worked for them it would make it super easy!

So would you also create a stand alone driver for other devices, just for OTA updates?

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Even better :+1: add it to this.

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I have written it currently based on the concept of the basic tool.. Swap the driver .. Do the update .. Swap back..

But there is nothing preventing say a normal driver providing a check for update button


Yea.. This was on my production hub.. I’m sure it got hung up in the queue..


Will it be done before the end of the day or will you make us wait until tomorrow?


Have to wait.. There are many different ways firmware updates are stored.. And different file formats.. It will take time to accommodate them all..

Can I just say that it's people like you @bcopeland that make this forum and this platform what it is.
This includes all you people out there, who I hope I don't offend by not mentioning names, who release fantastic drivers and apps so old gits like me who cannot even remember what code means let alone do it.

I have to ask a question though, while I'm sitting here drinking a glass of wine, watching football, (that's soccer to some of you :wink: ) golf or whatever, do you guys and gals ever stop thinking about what you can do next!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work one and all, cos' without you........... well I hate to think.......


I actually have 3 aeotec shutters that have a update but I haven't done it because it's just gives them something I don't need. But if you need a tester when it comes to it I could do them :+1:.
@bcopeland absolute @king


You know I wasn't serious about timeline. The great news is that it is possible within what we have available today to actually do a FW update.


Nope.. Always looking for the next challenge


For those that are curious.. This is what the process looks like from a z-wave communication standpoint..


Now who wants to start creating a repository of the latest firmware updates for various devices so the tool could just check there and see if yours need an update or not...