[RELEASE] Inovelli Device Drivers

Oh he means if the notification is active on the dimmer and a paddle is used it turns off the notification led.

Yes that has been fixed for the red/black dimmers. We have 1 bug left that needs to be fixed and a FW will be available after that is fixed and verified by me and @ericm

What will happen when you use a switch paddle the notification will pause using the same timeout from parm 17 then it will resume again.

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Excellent to hear. I ended up firing a rule each time the switch changed states to restore the notification. Looking forward to disabling that rule.

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@anon61068208 A question for the upcoming firmware update. Will it be possible to have a custom length to the notifications? It seems to me that there are a lot of very short durations up to 5 minutes and then it jumps to indefinitely. I would like some flexibility to the notification length but if there is a different way to accomplish this within Hubitat I would like to learn it. Thank you.

Sorry but no. The switches have so much space for the FW code.

I'd like to expound on this. The 5 minute limit is actually just a driver / device handler limitation. The actual parameter can be configured to 1-60 seconds, 1-60 minutes, 1-134 hours, and Forever. I can modify the driver to support this.


My bad -- thought that was FW controlled.

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That would be awesome!!! The WAF of the LED notification in the master bedroom at night was not very high and this would certainly get me back in good graces. Thank you!

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Yes with the newest drivers that support the generic component switch for notifications. Turning off the switch (with paddle or digitally) the notification will go off. Using the paddle or digital for things that do not control the switch (double tap, ect) does not effect the notification. This is happening on switches and dimmers. With the older version this is not happening with the switches.

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It's being fixed... we had a new FW sent to us and we had hoped we had a good release but dog-gone-it if another bug popped up :angry:

So what we have now is this.... pressing up pauses the notification and returns to the notification and if a timeout was set the notification continues until that timeout expires.

The new bug kills the notification if you press off/down paddle and only if the timeout is anything but the indefinite one.

So hoping 1.42 is the magic number :smiley:

OK. I am still not sure that completely answers this issue but I am hopeful that it should. Just out of curiosity what will be needed to push a new firmware OTA? I assume I will need a dongle and some software. Is there a dongle recommendation?

It does :slight_smile:

There is going to be a new driver out by then, fingers crossed, that will push the update without the need to do anything else for all HE users. From what I gather that driver will be able to push a OTA FW code to any zwave device so it's not tied to just Inovelli products.

Worse case we will make sure anyone who is a bit brave to flash new FW will have all the information needed to do this.

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New drivers and device handlers have been posted in Github:

2020-03-27: Adding additional duration options for Notifications. Also adding the commands startNotification(value) and stopNotification() to be used in apps like WebCoRE or Rule Machine to directly control notifications instead of through child Devices. To determine "value": https://nathanfiscus.github.io/inovelli-notification-calc/

Edit: I thought there was a way to use custom commands in Rule Machine. I can't seem to find it anymore.

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Is this what you're looking for?

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Ahhh yes, that is it. I guess I got tripped up because I expected the "startNotification" command to show up in the capability of action list. I figured it out though. You just choose any capability the device has and then select the device. The next screen lets you choose the command.


HAH was just going to point this out....

It's called custom actions now.

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Looks like I was wrong. I don't why my initial tests showed this but I just ran it again and it was working the way we wanted. Sorry guys for that.

Does the new drivers covers the red switches and dimmer?

Yes, they do.

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Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for with the notification durations. I can stop sleeping on the couch now.

Thank you, this opens up so many more notification options!