[RELEASE] Inovelli Device Drivers

Does the lux sensor take significantly more power than the motion sensor, which is set to a 30 second default? Or does the motion sensor not actually report in every 30 seconds, only if a change is detected?

I believe motion is only reported on change.

I don’t mind working on the code for that one

In fact that’s part of the reason I ordered it... It has a ton of configuration parameters.. Looks like it would be fun

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Well, I wanted to play with using the lux sensor to adjust the brightness of bulbs based on how bright the room is, so every 2 hours isn't a very useful reporting frequency. I'll probably turn it way up, to at least every few minutes, and if the battery life is significantly affected then I will just plug it in to power instead.

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FYI to new HE users here that are installing our switches. Please be aware that when you include our switches Hubitat seems to be enforcing to use their versions which is fine for most cases but not if you are setting up 3-way and the HE versions of the drivers do not support this. You need to install our versions of the drivers to complete your 3-way setup.

This also applies to non-neutral setups. You MUST use our drivers to support this.


Probably the same situation if you are installing them without a neutral as I don't think you can't set the AC Power Type in the built in drivers either.

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Exactly.... I really wished Mike had consulted us before he sprung that out.

Pretty sure that I have seen it stated before in built drivers will always be preferred by a device. This does not mean that a user cannot change this.

Might consider putting a guide together and include it in box for greener users.

I agree -- I had 3 tickets this week all pointing to this issue.

Also pinned on our forum now.. New/Current Hubitat users and our switches !PLEASE READ! - General Discussion - Inovelli Community

We have a new website !!

@anon89238910 my account is not working I have pre-ordered the fan lights switch, how do I get into my account? Has user info been added to new site?

I had to re-register on the new site as well.

I am looking into this.

If you have login issues with the new website please make a support request and only 1. I'll assign the ticket to the proper people to address. Response times will vary so hang in there as we get it straighten out. Sorry for the trouble on that.

Secure pairing is now working with our switches. It's only S1 for now but it still works. Once you have it paired you must press either the up or down paddle to tell hubitat its using S1.

Also we are very close to having a new FW ready for the red/black dimmer switches. We got 1 bug that popped up today that needs to be fixed so very soon we should have it ready for anyone who knows how to flash zwave.

I am having an issue using the newest release drivers which use the Habitat Child device. It seems on both the Dimmer and Switch when turning off the switch (physically or digitally) the child device will also turn off. This will clear a notification if one is running. From my testing this does not happen with the older driver that uses the Child Device. Changing the new driver to use the Inovelli child driver doesn't fix this issue. Please let me know if you need additional information

Are you talking about the Generic Component Switch ?

I'd assume he is referring to the notifications not persisting. Any chance that this will be addressed with the new firmware?

Yes. The notifications are not persisting. And yes the generic component switch.

This works correctly with the older drivers or seems to