[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

My Vallhorn model is E2134.

Maybe you have a routing device really close to the hub that broadcasts a stronger radio message?

You can try to clear the hub Zigbee cache:

  1. Shutdown the hub: Settings -> Shutdown
  2. Wait until the screen says is safe now to unplug the hub
  3. Unplug the hub for 1 minute
  4. Plug hub back in, wait until it boots up
  5. Retry to pair the sensor

As a last resort, I believe you can try to use the Zigbee Pairing Helper, but I'm reluctant to recommend this as it is overly complicated/cumbersome to use. It can temporarily stop all other devices in your mesh to be "pair-able" so the sensor can pair only through the hub.

To Prestage or Not to Prestage - that is the question! And it's been forming in my mind for a while now, though I'm not sure if I can express myself well enough.

I'm LOVING the prestaging. It's awesome. and I'd like to set it everywhere.... however;

I have a number of rules/pistons with SET level X over Y duration.
Using built-in Advanced drivers, with the switch OFF, the effect is to have the bulb TURN ON, at level 1, and brighten to X level, over Y seconds.
With your IKEA driver, and pre-staging ON, the bulb doesn't illuminate unless there is a TURN ON first, in which case it begins at the existing (sometimes VERY bright) LEVEL, meaning it's a SET LEVEL 1, TURN ON, SET LEVEL TO X over Y ( to also be compatible with other bulb drivers in the same group)

Do we feel this is the best method -
A case for PRE- command(s) (PRE-LEVEL, maybe PRE-COLOUR TEMP, PRE-COLOUR) in the IKEA Driver?
Is there a better way that I'm too tired to see?

I've a lot of rules/pistons, and wanted to get some opinions before I end up rewriting them multiple times.

I could go on, but I'll post now, and await the replies. :slight_smile:

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When you turn ON a light, it will transition from 0 to the last known brightness level using the transition time from the "Brightness transition time" preference. So it does not start directly with the final level, unless the "Brightness transition time" preference is set to "Instant". You don't really need to use SET LEVEL TO X over Y command when you turn ON the light, the hardware is doing it for you.

You are right that the lights are behaving weirdly when pre-staging is enabled. If the light is already turned OFF, and you change level to 100% (light stays OFF), and then you turn ON the light, it will jump directly to 100% brightness. This is wrong. Subsequent ON/OFF transitions are obeying the "Brightness transition time" preference, but the first turn ON event is bugged (firmware implementation).

There is a possible hack/workaround that we can implement in the driver to overcome this behavior, but it is messy :slight_smile:

Simply to have the debate - in the initial use case, it was mentioned

"Pre-staging that works for level, temperature and color: I have rules that say "on sunrise, set bulbs brightness to 100% and use cold white (to wake up)", "on sunset, change level to 70% and use warm white (to prepare for sleep)" and "at midnight, set brightness to 1% and warmest white (if I go to the bathroom)". Right now, my rules turn the bulbs on, wait 5 seconds, change the level and white tone, wait 5 seconds, then turn the bulbs back off (if they were off, otherwise keep them on); my wife hates lights turning on and off by themselves"

If you removed level prestaging from the catchall 'colour/white spectrum/level' toggle - and add a preset Level command, (like in the generic Advanced Zigbee CT Driver) , then you'd have

Ability to change colours/temps without turning on the bulb - new wowness :slight_smile:
Ability to change the level without turning on, which also matches existing methods and expectations set by other drivers.
Regain ability to set level/brightness in transition time and over programmed period (?)

Not a demand, just trying to get my head around what may be bad logic/lazy programming on my part - Currently, SET COLOUR includes a TURN ON. Maybe I should add a TURN ON, and let the hub ignore the command if not needed by that device.

I feel there are far less re coding/mixed manufacturer/driver problems if you separate the pre-stage level command, as the cost of decent colour bulbs restricts the scale. I have hundreds of LEVEL rules/pistons. I have a handful of SET colour/temp rules.

But then you build the drivers primarily for your use case.

Hmmm, more coffee.

Noticed the verbose logging (everything) is still turned on in the 5.0.0 driver - not sure if that's for 30 mins, on forever...?

Hi guys, is there a driver for the Ormanas LED strip does anyone have experience of this product? EDIT, I've just read that the generic rgbw driver works

Also, the older Tradfri outlets are £5

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There is a driver in this suite that was tested with Ormanas LED strip: IKEA Color White Spectrum Light. If you already have the "IKEA Zigbee drivers" package installed via HPM, use the "Modify" option in HPM to install additional drivers from the package.

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