[RELEASE] Hub Watchdog - Simple way to monitor if your hub is slowing down or not

New version:

1.1.5 - 10/11/20 - Adjustments to Maint Time

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still an issue.. the switch honors the maint time but it is ignoring the crosses midnight and starts up again testing at midnight..

Try again,

1.1.6 - 10/14/20 - More adjustments

that fixed it thanks...

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Is there a way to display the graphs on a dashboard?


This is a bit embarassing. I read through the thread and saw several mentions of an "Examiner" child. Where do I find that child?

I just installed Hub Watchdog through HPM and created two Device Watchdog Children. Each is watching a single contact sensor. I set up reports for temperature, status, and activity on each. I can view individual reports on them. But I don't see any "Examiner".

It right under where you created the other Children.

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Well. I knew it was embarrasing! Turns out I was looking inside Device Watchdog, and not Hub Watchdog. Wrong thread, wrong topic, wrong everything. :man_facepalming:

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lol, one of those days. :grinning:

I read through things and I'm still a little lost on proper set up of devices for data output. I have 3 seperate child apps with different test devices in each and they all are reporting to the same Virtual Data device. Is this correct?

Also what exactly are the Examiner Child apps for?

No, each one needs its own virtual device

This is what brings the 3 devices together.

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Ah ok thank you! I hate to be a pain over probably pretty basic stuff.

Fair warning, I may end up with some more basic noobie questions about some of your other apps. Posted appropriately of course. :wink:

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So just discovered that the hub watchdog is the top cosumer of time on my hub, with the new tools in 2.2.5. Anyone else seeing this? Is this normal?

Seeing this is running over and over and over to test the speed of your hub. I would expect it to be at the top.

I have mine set to run every hour. Is that what you would recommend?

I first setup the app as test every 3 hours, then changed it to ever 1 hour, and now I am testing every 30 mins. I have not see any negative impact to lowering the test intervals.

FYI, I started a thread dedicated to sharing your Hub Watchdog results for others to see what is a good benchmark for their hub and networks.

Have you been getting warm log entrys from max character limit from lists? I get them from my dashboard obviously.

What is the Median Delay intended to represent? I was expecting that half of the readings would be less than the Median Delay and the other half would be greater. However, when I look at the raw data, that is usually not true.