Official Thread for Hub Watchdog Results - Post Yours!

This has been one of my favorite user apps for HE to keep an eye on the health of my hub and mesh networks. As I've been making tweaks to my mesh networks (device types and placement) I watch these watchdog reports closely to get idea on impact of changes. So far I've made some big strides, from first averaging 800ms on my Z-Wave network response to now down under 500ms and no wild spikes (several seconds) throughout the day (possible overloaded mesh).

I thought it would be good to crowd source results from other HE owners and what results they are seeing in their watchdog reports. This way the community could get an idea "are the results I am seeing normal or abnormal" and help establish a benchmark.

Hub Watchdog Results for Virtual Switch (tests responsiveness of the hub system)

Hub Watchdog Results for Z-Wave (tests responsiveness of the Z-Wave mesh network)

Hub Watchdog Results for Zigbee (tests responsiveness of the Zigbee mesh network)

Huge kudos to @bptworld for this fantastic and helpful app!


Here are my Z-Wave results.

@bobbyD Would you look at this, please? I submitted a ticket to support on Dec. 12 (#19637) that was referred to Engineering. My subsequent inquiries always get a response of "still in Engineering". The essence of the problem is that my Z-Wave devices periodically respond late (10-90 seconds) from the time the command is issued. Logs I sent affirm this. Now this report from Hub Watchdog provides further light. There is a consistent pattern of the first Z-Wave command takes a long time then the follow-up is executed in a timely manner. I hope there is something identifiable in this that you can fix because I currently cannot use any Z-Wave device in a timely automation.

Wow, there is definitely a distinct trend and issue under the hood on your hub. I hope support gets you some relief soon. The good news once they fix that issue, your 300-400ms response is very healthy and better than mine.

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All’s well here. Just virtual since I haven’t had any issues with mesh in forever. Zigbee For Life! :crazy_face: