[RELEASE] Hub Watchdog - Simple way to monitor if your hub is slowing down or not

I think I have a weird edge case. I setup my hub watchdog before Bryan implemented the 40-test limit. As a result, I have historical test data in the tile devices that extend beyond the 40 tests and show up in datapoints3, datapoints4, etc. Now, I only display datapoints1 & 2 on my dashboard, so I never really cared (just ignored it) until I realized those old test results affect the summary statistics (e.g., max, min). And if I ClearData, these old readings don't get cleared.

I suppose a simple option is to delete the tile devices and start over, but I have multiple hubs and always look for the more elegant solution (OCD anyone?). Anyone else face this situation? Appreciate any ideas....

EDIT: @bptworld, hey Bryan, did you notice this? Sorry to bump old thread.

Only way to fix is to start over. Sorry.

Yeah figured. A man can dream, can’t he?

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I'm trying to install Hub Watchdog with no sucess. First, it does not appear to be in Package Manager. I tried import zip using permalink (Hubitat/HubWatchdog.zip at c7f5343728b6fdeb9d86218f3b9646808d7164af · bptworld/Hubitat · GitHub) and it says "cannot process bundle". Then I downloaded the zip and tried uploading to my hub, looked promising but got error, "library not found on line 43: #include BPTWorld.bpt-normalStuff"
Am I doing something obviously wrong?

Bryan withdrew all his releases from Package Manager. He released Bundle Manager, which is an alternative package management system. Lots of discussion regarding this in the forums. This thread is a good read. I believe that most developers have continued with Package Manager. Some perhaps have moved to Bundle Manager, and some perhaps offer both. I haven't kept close track.

The easiest way for you to get Hub Watchdog working would probably be to just install Bundle Manager.


Would you like the old version that doesn't use any packages.