HPM and Bundles

With Bryan moving over to Bundle Manager for his apps I'm seeing that there is an update available on HPM and BM.
If I update one of his apps via BM I still see that an update is available through HPM.
Is there a way to remove Bryans apps from being checked for updates on HPM without actually removing them.
Do I have to actively remove Bryans apps from HPM and then re-install through BM so that I get out of this situation.
Many thanks.

At this time, I know very little about Bundle Manager because HPM has been enough work and I've been focused on it. All I know is what I've read in THIS topic... that he has plans to remove his packages from HPM. I admit that made me furrow my brow, but I didn't take any time to comprehend it. I've got one more HPM idea almost done and then I'll be able to take on "normal Community topic reading" :smiley:


To all:
Now I feel like I'm not defending my app, but also defending myself. I created BM without any knowledge that csteele would be taking over HPM, and especially without any knowledge that csteele would be adding bundle support to HPM. All I knew at the time was that dman made it very clear that he would not be adding bundles and then made it pretty clear that he was leaving. So I made a new app to make sure the community was covered.

What am I supposed to do, drop all my hard work and effort because bundles got added to HPM AFTER I had made a new app!? I never expected all this negativity. It's a free app, use it if you want, don't use it ... I don't care anymore.

I truly have no hard feeling that csteele added bundles to HPM. So why are some people so bent out of shape that I made a new way to install apps/drivers/libraries that nobody had done before!?

I don't get it.

(Deep breath)


May I suggest that the discussion about "bundle manager" vs "HPM" be moved to a separate thread as it really doesn't pertain to "HPM" itself?


Hi Bryan, I do hope I'm not the cause of this. It was never my intention but a genuine query to see if there was a manual process for HPM to stop checking the apps I have installed of yours.
Thanks for all you do. It IS appreciated.
Thanks again.


I agree, @bobbyD could we split this please.

I completely understand this and I think this is what people are not seeing. It's a hard situation, you did what was best for all, expecting HPM to be lost and have a solution to fill the black hole.

Realistically it doesn't make any difference, @bptworld will continue to have his bundle manager inside HPM so if things continue, developers with be able to chose what ever path makes most sense for them. Then users will still be able to find @bptworld apps through his BM. Some may only ever use @bptworld s massive collection of code and only install BM others may only ever use HPM and just as I'm sure they do now only ever install one app or driver. As long as there is a solution we have a solution.


I've gone over the timeline earlier and i think Bryan did the correct thing at each step. We all saw the Message: "No Bundles in HPM" in July of last year. Bryan and I took that as truth and began, in our own individual ways, a "solution" -- Bryan went with a completely standalone solution, I picked Augmenting HPM and hoping I could get Dominic to acquiesce, someday. Fast forward to the Day Dominic marked himself as Gone. I made Public a "safety copy" I had created back in July to calm the community and included words to the effect that I'd carry HPM. I think a day or so later, Bryan released Bundle Manager. I released Bundles to HPM yesterday, although I had made an initial foray last year.. I'll repeat: Bryan did the correct thing at each step.

With the facts at hand on any individual day, I feel like Bryan and I made good choices. We did not know about each other's interest, let alone intent, til the events unfolded.


Done and created a brand new #hpm :label: filed under Community Code group.


Indeed. So what happens now? The two of you convince new Devs to add to both managers or just one? Regardless of the history, what we do from here is what I'm trying to picture and it just seems messy. Sorry.

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The "market" will decide. Bundles are really not going to be that popular that it's a factor, in my opinion. I didn't research the numbers but a huge majority of code released into the Community are "singletons" -- a single App or Driver. Bundles adds only one benefit and that's installing them correctly into either Apps Code or Drivers Code. HPM directly solves that, and has since day 1. Can one take a single file and ZIP it and call it a Bundle, well sure. I can't say that I'll incentivize that. It's not forbidden, but I know that for me, I have enough "prepare for Release" builds to know I don't need a doubling of the steps. :slight_smile:

The only Bundles I have are HubConnect and the few I created last week to test HPM integration. (Auto_Off Bundle)

HubConnect has the honor of being ultra late to the HPM party because of Steve's ability to be absent 6 months at a time plus it's Licensing, which means I can't operate unilaterally.


Don't forget the single reason for Bundles... the use of Libraries! :wink:

Nope. Again, I created BM to fill the void that I could see coming. Not knowing that anybody else was working to the same end. @csteele did a great job by taking over and adding in bundles. So for those that like the way HPM works, there is no reason to switch. HPM works very well and will continue to grow.

BM will hold all of my apps together in an easy to use single dev app. If for any reason another dev would like to put their work into BM (or both) then I'd be more than happy to add them to BM.

It really is that simple.


If it's just your apps and drivers then you could even call it BPTWorld Manager, which would make sense to a new user who is looking for your stuff. If anyone puts their stuff in BM and not HPM, then now we need both. Next we'll end up with a Hubitat Package Searcher (HPS) app that claims to scan HPM and BM for available apps. :frowning:

I get what you're both saying, but I still feel that if some apps get hidden away in other "manager" apps then it lessens the value of a unified community package manager. This is exactly why I wish HE would build something into the platform so that we don't end up with potential confusion.

Again though, props to both of you for your hard work and contributions. I honestly don't have a clean answer anyway, as I don't want to make either of you feel bad for the work you've done. I just worry about increasing complexity or confusion. Thanks for your work fellas. G.


He's never said it was just for his apps, he's been quite clear that he welcomes any devs that would like to be included in Bundles .

Not all devs are even on HPM (though I do believe the majority are now). It's really no different than having to find the code or code URL on GitHub (which if you aren't a dev is a confusing mess) .

I'm glad they are both doing this , and I do plan to keep both managers in place. I just really don't see that it is all that big of a deal.


That's fine. Once we get to 3 or 4 managers and a new searcher app to poll each of them I'm sure that'll be super easy for new folks. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's not the end of the world honestly I agree, not saying that it is. It's adding complexity though, which concerns me as I felt we were getting to a simpler point with community content.

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HubConnect v2.0 Bundles were created 7 months ago and I felt all alone ever since. :smiley:

I haven't seen another Bundle released since. I'm going for perspective here...
I think Bundles are far far better than their popularity up til this week.. and I can see there are minds churning away at the options and potential.

Is there going to be a mad rush to Bundle everything? Do we need a Program for Windows, Linux and OSX to build Hubitat Bundles? ROFL...

Rhetorical question.. answer NO :smiley:

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We need an iOS app too!! GO!! lol

I might be worrying for nothing, but I just worry that we'll get a lot of "I can't find this app on HPM?" "Oh it's not in this one, but over in this manager app!". Anyway, for now it'll just be Bryan's apps elsewhere, but it's more the trend I worry about. Anyway, promise I'll shut up now.


Does it matter where @bptworld world stores his wares? I mean as long as he's slaving...err working on enriching the HE enviroment, I on a personal level don't care where I have to download them from. Sure HPM is convenient as a one stop shop, but I will support both @bptworld and @csteele both in what they do. Now both of you hush and keep churning out nifty stuff before I get rattled...


Hmmm maybe I should introduce a competing standard to both … How does Hundles sound?


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