[RELEASE] Honeywell TCC IFTTT Driver

Basically creates a virtual thermostat driver that makes IFTTT calls to perform actions on your thermostat. Since there is no baked-in support for Honeywell, this seems to be the most reliable option since you have to use the cloud either way. If you have questions/comments let me know. It's really lame you have to create 7 webhooks per thermostat, but I see it as a win for being able to do more robust things in RM.

If you want native thermostat support, give this a try; keep in mind since Honeywell doesn't support this method, it may not work forever. Also, set poll times to be 30 min or greater.


Thanks for this. It streamlines what I do in a klutzy way. Is it possible for Hubitat to know if the thermostat is in off, auto, cooling or heating mode?

No, I suppose you could use the 2nd link above to get current status, then do changes via IFTTT, but at that point I’d just use the direct Honeywell API to do everything. I do recall that before Honeywell had official ST support, it was a chicken & egg race to keep the unofficial integrations working. At least going the IFTTT method, it’s “official”, albeit with another point of failure.

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This integration works well, but mine reports that the thermostat is Cooling when the system is Heating and vice versa. Any idea why this might be happening?

FYI, this isn't likely working because the Honeywell/IFTTT integration has been broken for months.

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@brianwilson Hey Brian, is the integration between IFTTT and TCC still broken. I have implemented csteele TCC driver and got it working O.K. but it is forever saying I have made too many attempts etc. Makes for an unpredictable solution. I thought if IFTTT worked it may not have the same limitations because its official.

Makes me more convinced that a local Zigbee thermostat is in my future.

Yes, it’s still broken. I can confirm the SmartThings integration still works, however. I am now using HubConnect to interface with it.

I just installed HubConnect today for my two Thrrmostats and it seems to work quite well. Happy with it so far.

Hi Brian,

So this isn't working? I followed the steps but I don't know how to pull it up on my dashboard (Noob here) How would I bring the 'Set Heating Setpoint' to the dash so that I could adjust the heat remotely?

Not sure how you’d do it in your dashboard. I typically do everything via RM. But to my knowledge IFTTT Honeywell integration is broken, thus this doesn’t appear to work.

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