[RELEASE] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Switch Driver

GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Switch Driver
I got tired of the generic built-in driver missing features that are on the GE/Jasco switches. This was loosely derived from the ST device handler, but mostly re-written.

NOTE 1: This is for the motion GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switches only . It will not work with the non Z-Wave Plus models (12xxx), it will not work with any dimmer model, and it will not work with the non-motion Switch (14291).

It has been tested with a GE 26931 switch. It should also work with the Jasco and Honeywell branded models.

NOTE 2: The driver has not been tested on any newer firmware levels that use CRC16 for the message encoding. If you see CRC16 messages in the log when using this driver, that means you have one of those devices. I'll be happy to try and improve the driver to support those, but as I do not have any of that firmware revision, it may be slow going.


  • ON/OFF
  • Configuration of button inversion variable.
  • Configuration of motion and light parameters.
    • Light Off Time, Operating mode [manual, vacancy, occupancy], Motion sensor on/off, Motion sensitivity, Light Sensing for light ON/OFF, Motion Reset time


  • none


  1. Install Driver code in Hubitat
  2. Apply to a GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Motion Switch device. Click save.
  3. Edit preferences, save preferences.
  4. Click Configure command button

Driver can be found on my GitHub

  • 1.0.0 (02/28/2019) - Original version.
  • 1.1.0 (03/03/2019) - Update to fix some CRC16 encapsulation issues. Added command class version map.
  • 1.1.1 (03/03/2019) - Cleaned up some errant warning messages that should have been debug.
  • 1.2.0 (03/18/2019) - Fixed parameters not saving correctly / not actually changing values on device

v1.1.0 uploaded.

tested it and appears to work fine with the new switch firmware CRC16


Thanks for reporting back.

I just had to have @mike.maxwell point out my stupid mistake. I hope he doesn't start charging by the question... :wink:

v1.2.0 uploaded. Parameters were not saving / updating correctly. Should be fixed now.

I noticed your GE motion switch driver refresh appears in rule machine refresh devices where as the stock driver from Hubitat does not show up in Rule Machine under refresh devices even though it has a refresh function that works in the device settings
So good job

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Thank you for this driver :+1::+1: I picked up a few of these dimmers instead of buying more lutron dimmers and I'm very impressed with them. I haven't even written any rules for them yet just using the switch for settings. I have my Hubitat hub and lutron RA2 powered down to refresh my zigbee network and some other things and I noticed my lights were still coming on that were connected to these dimmers very cool I'm glad these dimmers get terrible reviews on Amazon maybe they will drop the price. They dim fine no humming and you really don't even need a hub running for them to still operate. I know I'll complicate things and start writing rules though maybe not...

Driver updated. Try it out and let me know, as I didn't thoroughly test the association code since I took it from a known working driver.

I also added commands to switch motion mode from occupancy/vacancy/manual, as someone else requested that as well.


v2.1.0 uploaded

2.1.0 (02/01/2020) - Added setLightTimeout and DebugLogging commands, added description logging, added state variables for operating mode and light timeout

  • 2.1.1 (02/01/2020) - Added digital/physical indication to event types


This is going to sound strange. At least I think so because I never noticed it before and I have been using this and other of your GE drivers Since I moved to HE.

Have you heard anyone else report that when you double-tap on or off that the devices in the Association group don't update the Switch state? The lights come on and turn off just fine, but the device doesn't update? Thus the dashboards don't update.

Any ideas about this or am I looking in the wrong place?


I've heard that before, but have never looked into it.

I have been installing more tablet-based panels and utilizing a great new app by @CordMaster called Hubipanels. Because of this, I have added several new HE dashboards, which include a more significant number of switches throughout my house. The Hubipanels app contains a menuing system for panels that has badges on each menu item that represents the number of devices that are switched on in each dashboard, much like an iPhone. It is great to see what devices are on and off at a glance without actually going to each dashboard and looking. Because I never had that ability before this app, I never really noticed this issue with double taps before. It may or may not have been the case. I don't know. When I did see it, I just chalked it up to random flakiness.

IF you get a chance, this would be a great thing correct, if possible. If the light switch is on for any reason or by any method, the device handler should reflect it, don't you think?


I'm not sure that is anything that can be corrected.

Unless it is an association issue I can correct on the devices being controlled (not the one being double tapped), then if it doesn't send the report it doesn't send the report...

If you use a different driver (like an in-box one) does the one being controlled update?

My guess is that no, it won't... I seem to remember multiple people saying this is how it is supposed to work on association control, and one of the reasons Hubitat didn't support associations in their native drivers. But I could be remembering wrong - not an area of expertise of mine as I don't use association groups for control.

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You actually do. The motion sensor and the dimmer are in an association group. I broke the association group in Home Assistant for a short while. It wasn't practical so I re-associated.

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This is correct, it won't.

Also correct.


Thanks Mike! That is a detail I always forget / am fuzzy on, since I don't use it directly/intentionally.

As you can put the device in MANUAL mode, I'm not sure why there would even be an option for an association level decoupling of those sensors?

Are you sure you aren't just thinking of putting the device in MANUAL mode (via parameter 3)? If not, maybe I'll learn a new trick today! :slight_smile:

It has been a couple of years since I did this in HomeAssistant so my memory is a little fuzzy. There were three association groups and the dimmer and motion sensor were in basic set one but maybe three.
My thinking on breaking the association was to use the devices separately but there is only one Zwave radio so it would have needed a parent/child driver. I had wanted to have the motion sensor trigger the lights attached to the switch during the day but trigger a different light overnight.

OK, So for the rooms where I have used Association Group 3, I am continuing to use that, AND I have built button controller rules to follow-up on the double tap which is reported to HE through your driver correctly. The button controller rules will then set the switch value to On or Off appropriately. Not elegant, but is solves the problem with a few small rules. The Association group is remaining because it responds faster that the rule, but the rule will ensure the switch properly reflects its state correctly on the dashboards.

I can live with that. Thanks everyone.