[RELEASE] Follow Me Driver

Does What Did I Say require internet access to work, since it uses the TTS function which normally does require the internet for the first time it says something?


I guess indirectly, yes. Any speech would use the internet. It also goes out to GitHub and grabs some icons. And then depending on what type of speakers your sending it to, this too could have go to the cloud.

Thanks, I wasn't planning to send to any speakers since I was thinking of using it in a network without internet but really just wanted a running log of events like garage door left open for over 15 minutes after a certain time of day or water detected. Since there is no internet I can't get push messages. I found the global variables with connectors to the dashboard In RM that will work, I will just need to clear the variable each night or something since it probably won't handle too long of a string, and it won't format as nicely as your's.

@bptworld I'm still using the deprecated WDIS version. Does WDIS (or Follow Me) allow multiple tiles (virtual devices)??

Not sure what you are asking here. It can display the 'last x messages spoken' and/or speaker status on tiles.

I want to be able to specify one tile for WDIS messages that also use TTS and a 2nd one for logging 'silent' events.

That it doesn't do. Tell me more. Maybe with some examples and I'll see what I can do.


Any reason why sound files would no longer work? Used to have the MP3 files work when speaking: [N:3]this is a test

No longer plays any files. The "Test" buttons do play the sounds though. If no known issues, I'll just adapt to TTS only.

I'll take a look at it over the weekend.


I am having trouble with getting color coded priority messages.

  1. I created a driver as a virtual device
  2. i ran the speak command with the message: [H]this is a test
  3. the text shown in the whatDidISay attribute shows the message but it's not formatted red.

Am I missing something?

Something has changed but I haven't had time to look into it. The sound before a message isn't working either. Sorry about that. It's on the list to look in to.


All updates can now be found here:

Was this merged into Follow Me? Is that what your last message means? I was just planning to write a driver to do this very feature and was glad to see I don't have to!

Yep. I use just for dashboard login, which is done via the drive only. If you want the speech and other stuff you can do it via app.

When I open What did I say with the Follow me driver. The screen is messed up. Current States is to the right of the screen and so is Preferences. Then after a couple seconds, the screen refreshes and it changes. Then a little data is to the right of the function boxes and no preferences.

Here is a partial picture example:

After the screen refreshes: (No preferences0.

Made a small change to driver.

Please be sure your using the latest driver. Thanks.

Had to reset all data. Everything is back to normal.

  • I do notice a couple google home devices get clogged up with messages and I have to clear the Queue. My settings are to reset after 2 messages. Suggestions?

Thanks Bryan..

I'll take a look, thanks

Have you used Aarons NOAA weather app? It seems that follow me has a hard time with long messages. I have 8 Google devices. Some are triggered by motion and some are always on. Have you noticed this at all? NOAA app works fine when I select each device instead of follow me. Thoughts before I send you debug?
Thanks Bryan.

I use to.

Haven't noticed that. How long are the messages you are trying to send?