[RELEASE] Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Switch - Driver

Hey Everyone… As per the title.

I’ve tested all the parameter settings which seem to work (press the configure button after saving a preference change).

The custom commands for both relay channels work in both RuleMachine and webCoRE.



Hi Robin.
Should this device handler work for an FGS-213.
I know the title says 222 but the keywords specify 213 and 223.
Can’t seem to get it to work.
EDIT: Not sure what has happened but I fiddled with other DH’s, went back to this one and it started to work.
Good stuff.


Might work but be very careful not to change parameters… they don’t match.

If you look at your initial post. Post 1.
Scroll down and it says 213 223.
I assumed this was something you put in.

I’ve not changed parameters, just DH’s which seemed to kick it into action.

Oh yes, that was me linking from another thread.

The user there called it a relay switch, not just switch as the 213/223 should be called, so wrong link.

I’ll make a driver for the 213/223’s at some point, don’t use them myself but it’s a easy tweak of this driver to get the correct preferences showing.

Currently working on the Dimmer 2, took a LOT of effort but I have it all working now, including scene ID’s, so just need to tidy up my code a bit before publishing .

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I realised mine are 223 so this doesn’t work for me yet.
I’ll be really grateful when you find time to fix it for the 223


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does it work for on/off?

Unfortunately no… nothing happens when I press any of the buttons in the device driver

This is the data shown in the device page:

  • deviceType: 515
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x25,0x5A,0x59,0x85,0x73,0x56,0x70,0x32,0x8E,0x60,0x22,0x75,0x71,0x98,0x7A,0x5B
  • outClusters: 0x26
  • deviceId: 4096
  • MSR: 010F-0203-1000
  • manufacturer: 271

The only command that seems to work is ‘refresh’ result in logs:

dev:1542018-03-30 15:43:49.252:debugParsed ManufacturerSpecificReport(manufacturerId:271, productId:4096, productTypeId:515) to [null]

dev:1542018-03-30 15:43:49.248:debugmsr: 010F-0203-1000

any errors or debug messages in the live logs whilst clicking on / off?

Configure button...
then refresh button...

So when I said above:

I kinda meant it, but you go clicking the configure button which could have applied all the wrong parameters to a non-matching device lol… but looks like it threw an error before setting the parameters so you got lucky there!!

The missing value error probably relates to a preference you changed to null / not selected…

Any logs when clicking on / off in the browser devices page? I’m guessing we need to be sending encapsulated commands, which isn’t required for the 222 (therefore not included in the driver), but probably is required for the 223.

We also probably need to associate with group 1 (not sure if Hubitat does that automatically like St does?), and for good measure groups 2 & 3. Try commenting out lines 326-344 (all the zwave.configurationV1 lines) and then click configure to setup the associations.

I got frustrated and clicked everything! :slight_smile:
Made the changes you suggested but still got the same entries in the logs. Except for the error.
There are no log entries for on/off commands (and obviously no actions)

Thanks for your help on this Robin.


we do association group 1 automatically.

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Added one of my 222 todays with this seems to work well. Added virtual switches and used rule machine commands to link to the fibaro unit.

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Anyone out there using these get switches S1 & S2 to appear in the device drop down list in HE.
I can see the 2 switches when I look at the device but it does not show up as 2 unique switches in the drop down. Just one switch.

I don't have one of these, however it sounds like the driver needs to be updated to use the Composite (i.e. Parent/Child) Device model. This would create two independent child switch devices that are easily used in any standard app.

Without this, it appears others have manually created virtual switches, and then created rules to link the manual switches to the actual switches inside the existing driver. Then the virtual devices can be used in apps.

I didn't design this handler to generate child devices... some people don't want that and it's easy to sync simulated switches if desired.

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