[RELEASE] Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Switch - Driver

I'm only using one switch so it isn't an issue for me. It was more of an observation that I cannot see S1 & S2 in the HE drop down when selecting devices.
Would you like to elaborate on how you can sync simulated switches for future reference. Thanks.

or webCoRE

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this.
As I said above I don't need this at present but I have some Fibs that I have let on ST for this very reason.
Now I can get these across to HE.
Thanks again Robin. (The Fibaro Ninja :wink: )

Does anybody got Fibaro FGS-213 working?

I have ordered controller and have couple of FGS-213 at home, but didn't find it in compatible devices list...

Search is your friend :slight_smile:

built in support for the 213 will be in the next build, 212 and 223 are in progress, doubt they will make 1.1.3
All will support correct physical/digital activation differentiation.


That’s great to hear Mike


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Also support switch associations?

Not in this release, we started talking internally on ways to approach this globally, driver, vs app, vs platform ect...

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Thanks for the response.

Awaiting your solutions.

Will this work for my FGS-221 relay as well?

Why not try it? Sorry, I'm not familiar with Vera, but here's how you add a custom driver and use it in Hubitat.

To add to Hubitat and select if for use:

  1. Go to the repo (first post) and copy the raw
  2. Select "Drivers Code" on the left in the Hubitat UI
  3. Click "New Driver" and paste the code you copied from the repo
  4. Save
  5. Click "Devices" on the left in the Hubitat UI
  6. Click the name of your device to reveal the device details.
  7. Scroll down until you see "Type"
  8. Click the drop-down menu and then scroll all the way to the bottom, where you'll see the custom driver code you just saved.
  9. Select it and then click the "Configure" button to send the driver details to your device.
  10. Click Save and ensure you see "Active" under the status.

Sounds like there's no reason this custom driver shouldn't work with your 221

Have you got this driver working?
Nothing happens with my FGS-222 relay when I press on/off buttons...
Seems driver is buggy and not tested
Logs are also empty

Hi everyone.
I see there has been no response here in a few months
I have a number of Fibaro FSG-223 Dual Switch 2's here installed and associated with my talking to my STT Hub. Only 1 FGS-222. An d a few FGS-213 SIngle Switch 2's.
Did anyone get a device handler working for the Dual 222 and 223?
I am assuming a generic single switch will work with the 213s?

I am planning my migration of all switches, motion sensors, contacts etc from STT to my new Hubitat and would appreciate your advice..

[RELEASE] Virtual Device Sync for eric's excellent device types

Hello @RobinWinbourne,
I am using your Fibaro FGS-222 driver for my Aeotech ZW140 Dual Relay Switch. The control of the two light switches works, but I'm having two problems that I can't seem to find a resolution. The first problem is, I get a JAVA error code (java.util.IllegalFormatConversionException: x != java.lang.Character on line...) when the def configure() tries to set new parameter values in the preferences of my device. The second problem I'm having has to do with the reported status of switches 1 and 2 when they are manually operated. The status shows a "null" value when the light switch is manually operated. (UPDATE: I fixed problem #2 by changing Parameter #80 on my device to send basic report on physical change of state. Statuses are now accurate). I'm new to the zwave and JAVA arena and have much to learn. I've spent hours and hours experimenting and researching fixes for these two problems but can't seem to get anywhere. Would you possibly be able to point me in the right direction?

Just checking this still works. I'm about to buy this for opening my garage door with the dry contact sensor.

Hi Mike,

Did you ever complete the FGS 212 driver? I have installed this relay, but HE did not recognise it as a FGS212. there is a Fibaro Switch in the list of system types (drivers), but this does not have the parameters I need. I tried @RobinWinbourne's FGS222, where I can get the relay top operate, but can't change parameter 4 which is what I need (I am trying to get the relay to switch of after 1 second to operate a garage door).


I'm not doing anything with HE right now... just running a ST outlet and a Hive Outlet.

My main ST 'smart' home is up for sale and currently occupied by tenants, so not changing anything there.

When I buy a new home I will decide between HE / ST and get stuck back in.

I recently bought Fibaro Double Switch FGS-223. It uses Fibaro Switch driver and I can only use one switch via dashboard.
It doesnot show me the child devices since I need to control 2 switches. Do I need to add any other driver to add child devices?

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