Fibaro 213, 223

I’ve managed to port the driver for the Fibaro 213 single relay but I’m really struggling with the dual relay 223

Has anyone ported the ST driver or is there a builtin driver that works?


Hot off the press:

EDIT: this is for the 222, read the thread wrong due to the reference to ‘relay’. The 213/223 should not be refereed to as relays, they are Fibaro Switches.


Thanks Robin


Do both switches appear in the device list OK?

Please could you share your port of the fibaro 213 single?

I think this is the port I did for the single..

It was a port of @RobinWinbourne's driver from ST

I think it works ok as is but I decided not to move my Fibaro stuff until I could get all the drivers together
I remember it switched OK but I can't remember if it showed power etc.
Please let me know how you get on if you test it.


Brilliant! It works! As you said, it doesn't show power etc but on/off works fine.


Oddly it doesnt seem to update the status of the device though it always thinks the switch is 'on'. I've noticed this with a hue light ive been playing with on hubitat too.. this toggles on/off but it never changes the switch status

As it was Robin’s driver you may find he has ported it properly.. I was just trying to get it to switch as that was all I needed.
@RobinWinbourne is now using hubitat too..
(And, I believe a whole house full of Fibaro gear) :slight_smile:


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Strangely, woke up this morning and its showing power and changing the status - must have been some sort of glitch

Actually my smart home (which I now rent to tenants) is still running on ST. It’s working perfectly fine so I see no point in changing things there.

I’m just bench testing devices on Hubitat and using a few smart plugs here and there... I have a spare dimmer module and a double relay, but not a single relay so I haven’t ported that one over yet.

Hi all

Long time no speak all

All has been settled with my HE and setup for a while now.
Saying that I have been planning to migrate presence using IFTTT and phone presence combined.

Then yesterday I noticed delays. This was after upgrading to Hub v2.2.1.113
Maybe it was happening before.

I then investigated further a Fibaro zWave Dual Switch FGS-223 using @ericm excellent and stable drivers and metered child devices.

I have started noticing these messages -

in logs.

But I am assuming this is something to do with 'hubitat.zwave.commands.multichannelv4.MultiChannelCmdEncap'
I see v3 in the existing device code so have Hubitat updated their zwave capbilities?

I will add more levels and see what is reported.
Okies added a bit more via the Debug Flag on the Parent Device
I switched the switch on manually first and then off via the device page itself.
This is what what was seen in the logs -
Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 10.23.56

Also Dashboard switch icons are delayed in updating, if at all, and even fail to reflect the switch status.
Think this is also linked the Device Groups I have? Mine are set to be On if any of the switches in the group are On and they have stopped working accurately

Has anyone any ideas? What do you think @ericm?

To resolve this go into the driver code and change all instances of multichannelv3 to multichannelv4.

This fix is courtesy of @christi999 .

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I just posted an update in github with several fixes. Sorry for the late response I have had no extra time lately.

Edit: Just noticed this thread is not for the dimmer 2. Sorry about that, that is the driver that I fixed!

Just to confirm, I have three FGS-223 devices in my setup, they all failed with the above problem. I've updated the FGS-223 driver from GitHub, didn't update the Metering Child driver as it did not appear to have changed (its relatively short so easy to check out) and then went around excluding then re-including all of the devices and the problem appears to have gone away. Very happy. Didn't bother editing the driver per the @christi999 suggestion - too much chance of me getting it wrong!
Thank you @ericm, sterling job!!

@ericm, can you post a link to the 223 driver, I can't seem to find it using search on here and I'm running 2017 version, just notice this error

You can find it on Github, look for the Fibaro devices in this directory:

There's a lot of stuff here but its all easy to work through and alphabetically sorted. No need to pull the code, just copy and paste it into Hubitat.


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