Does HE support Fibaro Walli Series?

Hey guys,
the title pretty much explains my question, but does the HE support Fibaro Walli series of products? Specifically the wall switch and the type F outlet.

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Tried it with a Walli Double Switch, it was encluded with S2_AUTHENTICATED security.

A Fibaro Smart Implant with 4 endpoints was found, but none of them are working, also, when operating the switches manually no status report was sent.
Using any other Z-Wave switch driver you can only operate one of the buttons.

Using these drivers you can operate both channels, but manually changing ths switch status is also not reported.

HE C7 with FW

Thanks for that, if I need the double switch I will try them. Have you tried something else from that product line?

Nope, this is my only Walli device.
I have lots of Fibaro stuff, though, but didn't migrate anything until now.

Driver for Fibaro Walli Outlet

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