[RELEASE] Aeon-Labs DSC06106 Smart Energy Switch

Aeon-Labs Smart Energy Switch DSC06106


Driver Capabilities

  • Switch
  • Power Meter
  • Energy Meter
  • Voltage Measurement


  • Standardized device data: FirmwareVersion, ProtocolVersion
  • Configurable Reporting Intervals and Change amounts

Man, you are a machine! So glad you are in this community! Thanks!
Is there a firmware for this that can be upgraded with your app? I'm on 1.43

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Probably not given how old it is and the fact that they removed all mention of this device from their website..

I had to find an archive to get the proper config variables

Ha! This is awesome. Here's my post from 2018 looking for a proper driver for them!



Better late than never :man_shrugging: :rofl:


Are you trying it yet? I'm not getting power reporting from it. I'm hitting refresh and poll, but it shows 0, when it is on for a fountain pump. It's drawing about 90 watts.
Let me know if you have one online and getting power from it.

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show me your preferences

Not yet, they are in a box in the basement. I'll dig them out tomorrow to test.

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and did you hit configure?

I'm getting power updates from both of mine.

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I did hit configure. Thanks

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It is logging energy, voltage, and switch. It did have one power that showed 91 watts, but since then, just 0

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did you click save on the preferences?

with those settings you will get watts report every 5 minutes and on 50W+ change

When I hit Poll, the voltage number will slightly adjust and the energy updates. Just 0 for power.

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How low can I go? I changed it to 10 seconds, but when I refresh, still 0.

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can you turn on debug logging and send me your log?

I've left mine at 30 seconds.

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