Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS - Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch

Looking to get the wattage being used to be displayed. In smartthings this device shows how much wattage is pulling pulled at any given time. I use this to determine whether the washer/dryer are actually running or not. Right now it's only shows how much energy has been used. Thanks for any help!

Data * deviceType: 3

  • inClusters: 0x25,0x31,0x32,0x27,0x70,0x85,0x72,0x86
  • outClusters: 0x82
  • deviceId: 6
  • manufacturer: 134

@bravenel, @patrick, @mike.maxwell

Any chance of this getting looked into? This is a great device, would hate to loss this ability. I have another plugged into the hot tub that has saved me once before too. (heater quit and this device let me know before it got too cold)

Usage: if ‘dryer’ power if less than 5w then SMS ‘Dryer is finished’

Anyone know of any other plugin devices that have this function?


we don’t have a specific driver for this device, and I don’t know what driver you’re using that is reporting energy…

Thanks for the response Mike, right now I'm using the 'Aeon Outlet' for the driver.


I was originally going to tell you that I use a Zooz Zen15 with @krlaframboise’s driver ported from ST. It has any parameters you could every want. I use it with my washing machine. The plug is only rated for 15a, 1800w so I don’t know if that would work for you. Maybe you or someone else could tweak the DTH.

Wow, thank you so much. It seems to be working. First off, I know very little about programing but I like to read everything. So I read the article on moving drivers from ST to HE. When I tried to port over your driver I got an error, so I went back to that article and found this... Replace physicalgraph with hubitat. Worked like a charm!

I just ran the dryer for about 5 minutes and got great results. As you can see in the picture below, it is showing no power when off and I had a high power of 677.92 when running. It was lower when actually running but that was the startup power. (gas dryer)


Got some more testing to do but looks like one more thing I don't need ST for...thanks again!


Fantastic. You’ve got a gas dryer. I was afraid of being at fault for a house fire! :grin:

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So the driver does work somewhat, lots of extra stuff in there so it’s been throwing out some errors. I’ve been trying to trim it down but I’m no programmer. Wonder if there is a ‘drivers for dummies’ course floating around here or on ST. Gonna have to dig a little deeper.

Hopefully a proper driver is on the list of to-do’s.

Some of the error’s being thrown…
dev:692018-03-27 16:29:41.803:errorNo signature of method: dev1522103882625278754672.createSwitchEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Short, java.lang.String) values: [255, digital] on line 388

dev:692018-03-27 16:24:43.015:errorCannot invoke method and() on null object on line 314

I have no experience coding beyond physicalgraph/hubitat. I’m away from home so I can’t do any testing. With a quick search of Github, I found this. Maybe you can give it a try.
@EdwardN wrote a post about porting I’ll try to link to in an edit.
EDIT: App and driver porting to Hubitat

Not sure why this didn't show up in my previous searches but I found a device handler (ST) from 2016.

I changed up the necessary bits to make it work with hubitat. The result seems to be working with the only problem being that it doesn't seem to refresh on it's own. I wrote a quick piston to refresh the device every 5 minutes to make up for it.

EDIT: Removed driver since it didn't fully work with Hubitat

@mike.maxwell are there plans to add a driver for the Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS?
I have a couple of them I'd like to add to HE.
And, I have no idea how to add a driver manually. :slight_smile:

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unless you need the power monitoring, you can use the build in aeon micro switch driver.

Yeah, I need the power monitoring. I use one for the TV to trigger lights and one for the washer to trigger sms messages. I'm not against replacing them, is there a "low" cost option that is supported by HE?

In my case it was to monitor my washer and dryer, hot tub and pool filter. Never did get them to work properly and ended up buying new Dome On/Off Outlets with energy monitoring. They work great. Would still love to have a proper driver for the Aeon Labs energy switch since I have 4 of them just sitting in a box now. :slight_smile:

They are end of life at this point, replaced by the more expensive, more annoying to install nanos...

That what I thought. Was a great item though, I've been using them for years.

For anyone looking to replace or add in new energy plugs, I do recommend the Dome On/Off Outlets with energy monitoring. They work right out of the box, sync right up and the correct driver is preselected by the hub. All the attributes show up in webCoRE too. Makes it real easy to trigger pistons based on power values.

I've been using mine with the Aeon Outlet driver; it reports energy fine. Am I missing something?
Just for laughs I tried it with the Aeon Smart Strip driver; it reports power (as long as you refresh it periodically).

The Aeon Smart Energy Switch has power and energy monitoring. I use the power monitoring to trigger events. The energy monitoring on this device just tells you the Kwh used, not sure if I can use that to trigger an event. The power drops to 0 when the device is off.

Try using the Smart Strip driver with the master On/Off; seems to be reporting power for me (though I admit I've never made use of the power/energy features). It needs periodic refresh but seems to report current power state.

That's what I was seeing, I had to run a seperate piston just to 'refresh' the values. So the values could be behind by 5 minutes. Sometimes it wouldn't even refresh. This setup just wasn't reliable.

With the Dome sensor it reports in real time (like the Aeon did on the 'other' hub). Now I can trigger my pistons based on the current 'Power' values. Usage: if ‘dryer’ power if less than 5w then Push ‘Dryer is finished’

Like Mike said, the Aeon will work fine for on/off applications but not for 'power' values. Mine will stay in the leftovers box for now.