[RELEASE] Advanced GoControl GC-TBZ48 Thermostat Driver

Advanced GoControl GC-TBZ-48 and GC-TBZ-48L Thermostat

Key Driver capabilities

  • Battery
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Thermostat (obviously)
  • Filter Status


  • Periodic clock synchronization to prevent clock drift
  • Filter status based on run-time and user configurable times, device and driver will report filter change needed
  • Real-time scp and mech statuses
  • Work around for quirky / unreliable device reporting of thermostat operating state
  • All device configurable options available in the driver preferences



  • Added undocumented ability to set backlight timer to 0 when using C-wire


  • Added importUrl


  • Re-structure and re-name


  • Addition of SensorCal command and attribute requested by @JasonJoel
  • Fixes for default values / typos in device preferences

2020-05-03 - v1.5

  • Physical vs Digital events
  • Fixed bug in event unit on setpoints

As usual.. If you switch to this from another driver.. hit configure to make sure everything gets setup correctly..

pushed a fix for missing fingerprint..

pushed an update:

  • Improved duplicate event filtering

Temp on dashboard in C, set to F in the driver.

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Might be a dashboard problem. I switched driver back...still reads C

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I am able to re-produce the issue.. Will fix shortly

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Just pushed a fix for it.. If you re-download it..

The next temperature change reported of even 1 degree will clear it up ..

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Thank you. Nice work.

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No prob.. and than you..

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Pushed and update..

Added undocumented ability to set backlight timer to 0 when using C-wire...

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2020-04-18 - Added importUrl

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2020-04-19 - Re-structure and re-name

Bryan , what do you think, alright to use your driver now( no disrespect) or should I wait as I see you've been updating on regular basis

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I've been running them since day 1 .. no issues the changes have been very minor and not affecting the functionality or performance.. I have 4 of these in active use..

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Are the settings in your driver the same default settings as Gocontrol factory settings?

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Yes.. But once you hit configure.. It will poll the settings that are currently programmed on the device and update the preferences in the driver to match the device

I thought i saw filter change at 4000 where i had 300 and thats what made me question settings.

Buy the way how do you reset filter countdown or does it do it automatically once the hours set is reached. Thanks!

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Filter change happens when max hours is reached.. Can be reset on the device or in the driver through the resetFilter command /button

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