Question re: Iris Smart Plug (3210-L)

I'm looking to add a few repeater devices to my mesh network, and right now am leaning towards the Iris Smart Plugs (model # 3210-L) from Lowes. As far as I know, they're one of the few devices that can function as both a z-wave and a zigbee repeater at the same time. Before I go out and invest in a handful, can someone confirm that both aforementioned functions work with the hubitat. I'd hate to go out and buy a bunch only to find out they don't work as repeaters. Thanks in advance.

Take a look at this thread:

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Thanks for the info! I read through it, and am a little confused as to how to correctly add the plug to my hub. Does it need to be added twice since it’s both zigbee and z-wave? If so, does it matter which goes first?

Just a heads up If you plan to or have any of the xiaomi zigbee devices these plugs will cause havoc with them dropping off.

Just wanted to mention that as the xiaomi devices are pretty popular.

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Yes - Once for Zigbee which is the default pairing mode the outlet wants to use. Zigbee will be used for all control of the outlet. The second time you pair it will be for Z-Wave repeater functionality only. It is a little tricky to get the Outlet into Z-Wave pairing mode. I can't recall exactly how I did it, but I do recall trying just about every method I found online. I think the version of firmware may also impact the method to get it into Z-Wave pairing mode.

You may want to read through the thread on the ST forum as well...

I just moved all of my stuff from ST to HE last week, and while I got my 4 3210Ls to come up as generic zigbee outlets pretty easily, I'd forgotten that they also worked as z-wave repeaters.

I just went back around and discovered all the z-wave repeater portions of the devices. They all show up just fine using the built in generic z-wave repeater device type.

To discover them I had to put hubitat in discovery mode, turn the outlet on with a button push until the blue light comes on. Then, using my aeon z-stick in exclude mode, press the button on the front of the 3210L quickly 8 times until it was excluded. Power off and on, and they were discovered as generic z-wave repeaters by HE.

Sometimes it looked like the exclude happened on the power off/on not the 8 button pushes. I just kept messing with them and eventually they all worked except one. That one seems to be older and doesn't have a z-wave logo on it anywhere, unlike the others, which all have prominent z-wave plus logos on them. I couldn't get the weird one to show up as a repeater, but no matter, I just moved it to a place where the z-wave coverage is already good.

I'm super happy about this. I have a lock that was working under ST but I can't get to join securely in HE, and now I'm hoping it was because the mesh wasn't as good because these repeaters were missing. I'm going to repair the z-wave network then try to join my troublesome lock again tomorrow.


I know the older Centralite and ST plugs are identical to the Iris plug in appearance but they don't have the Z-Wave part like Iris. Possible you got one of that?

Ah you're right, that's what it is! That one is the plug that came with my initial SmartThings kit.

Ok, what am I doing wrong? I am trying to get one of these to act as a zwave repeater but I can't get it work. I have the zigbee working but Zwave isn't.

I have tried putting the hubitat in discovery mode, pushing and holding the button on the front - no go. I have tried pressing the button 8 times quickly and no go. I always seem to have issues with zwave. I think I don't understand the actual process in which this protocol communicates because I never have problems with zigbee but Z wave, while I am usually able to get it to communicate, it still seems like more of an issue for me.

Here are the plugs I am using.'s probably not your zwave. These puppies can be a real PITA to pair up for everyone. I have about 10 of them. Some paired up no problem, other required a lot more patience. I normally get them going by unplugging from the wall for 30 seconds....plug back in....wait about 3 seconds and rapidly hitting the button about 10 times.

So you just unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug back in, put the hubitat in zwave pairing mode, then rapidly hit the button. When you say rapidly, I assume you mean as fast as you can, not waiting 1 second between or anything else right? Sorry just trying to get the exact process down as these things seem all over the place.

I always have the best luck using @stephack’s method, while having the outlet in the same room as my HE hub. I then move it to its final location and run a z-wave repair.

Ok, I'll try that. Thanks.

So fast your finger will want to cramp up.

Jimmy John's fast. Got it.


Had a rough time pairing the few I have as well. I ended up unplugging for 30 seconds, holding the button while plugging in, then releasing once the indicator lit. That seemed to get me the Zigbee. For the Z-Wave, I left the unit plugged in and pressed the button 8 times rapidly to get the repeater paired. Thought about hopping on one foot while spinning in circles at one point, but ended up getting all of them connected in the end.

Edit: Had the Z-Wave/Zigbee backwards.

Still not working. Tried doing all suggested and it still wouldn't work. Looks like all I did was screw up the zigbee portion because now I can't get it to turn on and off from the hubitat app.

Light is just flashing blue now when I unplug it and plug it back in

Ok, that was the zigbee trying to connect. I was able to rejoin that. Still no zwave