Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater Support?

Hi, is the Iris 3210-L supported on Hubitat?

I tried to pair it and it found a generic zigbee outlet but I cannot seem to control it.

Yes it does. I would move the outlet closer to the hub , remove and pair again. Then relocate to where you would like to use it.

I will try that, but right now I am only 10 feet away and in direct line of sight.

Is there a custom DH?

I just use the generic Zigbee outlet driver. Haven’t tried to get Zwave repeater working but the generic driver works fine and also had power wattage if you enable.

I believe someone ported a ST custom but it’s not necessary. If removing and pairing doesn’t work it might be a firmware version issue. I would contact support if all else fails.

Read through this thread. It has a few suggestions and a link to the ported handler I mentioned.

The custom driver still won’t report power or energy for me. Was waiting on @homeauto2112 to play more with his driver.

And the stock driver won’t report energy which I need. I’ve kept all but my one test plug on ST for the time being, which is fine since InfluxDB logger still doesn’t work 100% either.

The Z-wave repeater seems to be working for me though.

BTW-i did move my iris switch literally 2 feet from my hub and paired it. This time it actually took. It didn’t work right away but after some time (disappointed and walked away) I came back and it was working. I was then able to move it and it is still working.

Has anyone been able to get the ZWave Repeater function working with this?

I got it to pair to Zigbee without issue but as I build out the ZWave mesh into HE I am fairly sure I will need to have the repeater working (or go buy something for that separately)

I got several to pair as a Zwave device. Don’t know they are doing anything though.

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Yeah - I have it paired to the Zwave side as well... it just shows as a "Device" without any info...

Here is what is in the IDE -- wish I knew if it was functional as a repeater or if its just 'there' ...

mine is setup as a zigbee/zwave plug and I could select the zwave plug on and off in Hubitat (it didn’t actually turn the zigbee plug on/off.
but it has stopped responding to the zwave on/off and I do not know if it was ever functioning as a zwave repeater.

I was using this DTH on ST for a while and it worked well. If someone with better coding skills than my “replace physicalgraph with hubitat” skill level would like to try to port it, maybe we can test these things.

Iris Z-Wave Repeater

I used this one Zigbee Iris Smart Plug
“replace physicalgraph with hubitat"

The one you posted gave me errors when I modded it and tried to save it. I delete abit of the code but it didn’t appear to work for me.

I believe the one you linked to is for the zigbee plug itself, whereas the one I linked to was a handler that allows a way to test if the z-wave repeater is actually repeating. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to port it over.

You don’t need a special device driver for the Iris Z-Wave repeater function; leaving it as “Device” is sufficient (‘repeater’ is a built-in capability of this device; all it needs is pairing info to function as such). If it is showing ‘Alive’ in the Z-Wave settings page after a Z-Wave repair (followed by updating the settings page to refresh it), it is participating as a router in the mesh. If you unplug it and again do a Z-Wave repair, wait a bit and refresh the page; it will then show ‘Failed’. That’s equivalent to the message that ST would show if a Z-Wave device failed to update its route info after a Z-Wave repair.


Thanks Tony good to know

Both of mine show Alive on the z-wave page yet Inactive on the device status page. Is that normal?


@Tony thanks!

This was what I was looking for - in the process of migrating ST -> HE so will be carefully selecting how to place devices to rebuild both meshes as I go

This will help a ton as I have used 4 or 5 of these to extend/strengthen the Zwave side of the house

Yes, that’s normal.