Project - Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1 - Home Automation Done Right!

Project - Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1 - Home Automation Done Right!

I needed a home automation system, for my home, and chose Hubitat HE. I constructed a low power LED bulb light annunciator "Christmas tree" to display my entire home status at one quick glance. By using a 110 VAC, 12 position, power strip hanged vertically on the wall, with special 1 Watt LED color bulbs, with adapters, and 110 VAC switch/outlets cubes is all I needed, along with HE and with many, many devices and sensors, for my home automation system.

Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1 positions top to bottom:

Position #1, (RED LED Bulb) on the very top of the LED bulb light annunciator only turns on and stays on if there is a sump pump high level alert, a water leak under the kitchen sink or one of my refrigerator doors were left open and the temperature, from refrigerator sensor is above 40 degrees F.

Position #2, (Red LED Bulb) turns on if my garage door, mini barn door and mailbox door, has exceeded the pre-programmed watchdog times allowed for each door for being opened too long.

Position #3, (Red LED Bulb) turns on, between sunset and sunrise (dark time), for two minutes to indicate that a PIR motion/photo sensor(s) was detected on my sidewalk or near my house. The red light bulb will go out after two minutes, in which case, the high power, football field, LED floodlights will turn off. Software in HE and a Z-Wave outside power outlet, with internal safety off timers, is all that are required.

Position #4, (Colored, flashing, LED lights with low noise buzzers - 3 wide) Any outside PIR/photo reflective, motion will turn on, for three seconds, the position location of each motion sensor 24/7. A 3 way power receptable cube adapters make this possible from any big box store.

Position #5, (Yellow LED Bulb) Critical calendar dates/times like doctor/dentist appointments will illuminate this bulb between sunrise and resets at sunset. Big Brother Google Calendar is NOT used. Until there is a better secure solution, HE Rules 5.1 are used.

Position #6, (Blue LED Bulb) The most important door, in my home, is the garage door being opened and this blue bulb will stay on until the garage door is fully closed. After 4 hours, an open door watchdog timer alert is issued.

Position #7, (Green LED Bulb) One minute, after the fumbling USPS postman, closes my mailbox door, to indicate "I got mail delivered". This green LED bulb will turn on. The next mailbox door open/closure from family will turn this green LED indication off. Counters, global variables,
along the 5.1 rules, control this complex mailbox alert.

Position #8, (Red LED "flashing" light with low noise buzzer-all 110 VAC) Will sound, continuously if the mailbox door is kept opened. A special, long range contact sensor on my plastic constructed mailbox, for better RF transmission, gives me an error free mail alerts for years.

Position #9, (Blue LED Bulb) Will turn on if there is an impending weather warning/alert from Open Weather. In the Ohio valley area, tornados (not hurricanes) we pay most attention to and move very fast to the basement. I also added additional critical high windspeeds, high/low temperatures alerts to the blue LED weather bulb. Loss of network service is also indicated.

Position #10, (Color Changing LED Bulb - on all the time 24/7) The MPH outside windspeed indication, from Open Weather, is updated continuously and I applied color changing windspeed ranges to this color changing LED bulb. White:0-3 MPH, Magenta:3-10 MPH, Cyan:10-20 MPH, Yellow:10-30 MPH, Red: > 30 MPH.

Position #11, (Color Changing LED Bulb - on all the time 24/7) The outside temperature, from Open Weather, is updated continuously and I also applied color changing temperature ranges to this color changing LED bulb. Dark blue: -100 to 0 F., Light blue: 0-32 F., Yellow: 32-40 F., Green: 40-80 F. (normal) Yellow: 80-100 F. Red: > 100 F.

Position #12, (A motorized LED Party Bulb) This turns on for one minute when my doorbell camera (using pixels) picks up a human being on my porch.

There you have it - My Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator. Home automation, night time security LED Flood lighting control, home security, critical weather alerts/indications, critical calendar dates/times, USPS mail delivery, critical open door and motion alerts.

Four critical home automation alerts, for me, are the weather (tornados), sump pump failure/flooding $$$$, my garage door being left open, and most important - "someone" left the refrigerator door cracked open and my beer is warm! :wink:

Parts for Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1:

Most parts were acquired by shopping at the big box hardware stores.

Qty. Description
1 Indoor Power Strip - 12 position with a "large" wall wart separation between power receptacles.
7 1 watt-S14 LED Light Bulbs - Single Color LED Filament Bulb - 11W Equivalent - 60 Lumens with
a E26/E27 base. Project Colors used: 2-Blue/1-Green/3-Red/1-Yellow.
1 watt colors available: Pink, Red,Blue,Green,Yellow*,Orange,Purple.
3 4.5 w LED Flame Bulbs with E26 base. Flaming colors used: 2-Yellow and 1-Blue. (used for PIR
motion indication)
12 Outlet to socket adapters (E26 base) (used for switch/outlet to LED bulb adapter)
4 Power cube 3 position receptacle adapter. (used for LED light bulb extenders)
4 110 VAC LED/Buzzer (low noise) (AD16-22SM) (used for indication from all motion detectors
and mail box indicators. Using cutoff zip cords will interface to the LED/buzzers to outlets.
1 110 VAC rotating Party Bulb. (used to indicate humans on my front porch detected from my
doorbell cam.
2 Wifi color changing LED bulbs. (Open Weather drives the windspeed/temperature readings for
these bulbs.
12 110 VAC outlets/switches (different vendors) used by HE and "other" vendors to turn on/off the
single color LED light bulbs, rotating party bulb, flame bulbs and LED buzzer sounders.
1 Mini UPS (Shanqiu Model FX5-12) used for my Internet router and Hubitat Hub. (Amazon)

Please Note:
All of my money resources are not tied up to just one home automation hardware/software vendor. Hubitat HE Hub is providing a sizeable portion of software/hardware for this project.
Other vendors are also contributing but only in smaller amounts. I am using three different switch/outlet vendors for Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1.


#1. An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS - low power version) is required period - for proper home automation operation. UPS is needed for the HE hub and network/internet router.
Two items, that would be smart burglars go for, before/after breaking into your home, is the electrical mains and your internet router.
For me, I used a decoy router, battery operated security sensors and devices. My main electrical power entry is underground power which makes it somewhat difficult for thieves. I also have special security welcoming cameras, sensors and devices awaiting the would be criminals.
For my top secret, high tech, home security applications - "wireless cellular " plays a good part. Note: HE Hub cannot do "secure" email notifications without great effort.

#2. Trying to integrate "streaming" home security cameras, in any home automation system, is a total waste of time and money - just keep both systems separate!
Having "high definition" 4k DVR/NVR cameras is a must for law enforcement to do their job easy.

#3. Using HE modes (home, away, day, night) I was able to shutdown the "Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1" when "Mode is away" and activate my special home security mode.

#4. Using the "lux" sensor on any decent "smart" PIR motion sensor will save your batteries from depleting quickly. PIR motion sensors work better a night time. (between sunset/sunrise)
Just keep these sensitive PIR sensors away from moving branches on trees, direct sunlight, rain/snow and small animals - you should be OK.

#5. My Automation network traffic is heavy so by using the low power Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1 that shows me my home status at a quick glance. Having to constantly view my cell phone for time consuming home automation data/alerts traffic is not for me!

#6. Common, off the shelf, generic parts from big box stores along with Amazon and Ebay provided all the necessary items for constructing this project.

#7. HE Home security was not mention to great extent, in this project, due to my home security concerns.

#8. Recommended Hubitat HE devices and sensors are used throughout this project but NOT for all special devices and sensors!

#9. With the exception of the two color changing LED bulbs - all other LED bulbs are mostly 1 watt and 4.5 watt. Since using low power LED bulbs, the power consumption is very low due to the fact none of the LED Bulbs are lit up until there is trouble with my home automation system. Also, LED light bulbs will last for many years.

End of project: 3/23/2022

Any questions feel free to ask.


I have some pre-HE line voltage led idiot lights that are now a part of my HE installation. I've wanted a light panel almost since day 1 of using HE but it is low priority. I particularly want a zigbee device that has a parent-child setup. The LIFX strips satisfy those requirements but its size is overkill. I'll probably end up with a zigbee powerstrip with child outlets and add an led over each.

Impressive project. Any chance you can post a picture of the tree? I am imaging a Christmas tree the same size as the one in New York city.

I have similar idea but just on my 17" wall mount tablet. Wife will kill me for any kind of artificial tree/plant inside the house.

Project - Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1 - Home Automation Done Right!
The annunciator is in my office so my wife won't complain.
I just completed it the other day and it needs to be cleaned and tidied up.

It's only a 12 position 36" 110 VAC power strip (extra wide) hung in the vertical position on a wall. This is not NY city!
Accepts any 110 VAC outlet cube/rectangle device, from any hub, to light the different LED Bulb types.
Notice the three very cool Flame LED bulbs (different color with buzzers) that flicker (3 seconds on/off) for any motion detection outside.
Notice the red / black cylinders with zip cords are low noise buzzers/LEDs powered by 110 VAC.
Using 3-way power receptables cubes will extend the power from the terminal power strip.
The two color "on" changing LED bulbs, near the bottom, are for outside "instant" windspeed and temperature. (Not a good picture)
Last, at the bottom, is the large, mechanical turning, LED Party Bulb that turns on when someone is on my front porch.
All switches/outlets power cubes can be "manually" turned on and off and their network status is also shown.
Having standardized 110 VAC LED light bulbs, buzzers and power cube adapters make this annunciator tree a very flexible annunciator for easy repair and reconfiguration.

Are some of your bulbs GE Links? If so, use them with care - they are known to create havoc on zigbee meshes. Just do a search for "GE Link" on this forum ......

Absolutely not - No GE Links.
I have Homeseer, HE links, Feit Electric and YoLink links. Rock solid annunciation.

Choosing the proper LED Light Bulb type and color for the "Project Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1" was very important so "other" family members could ascertain any home automation alerts quickly.

Blue - Garage Door is open & weather alerts
Green - Mail Box is delivered or was open
Yellow - Calendar Event date/time
Red - Critical alerts (sump pump high level, kitchen sink water leak, refrig. door open/hi temp, Security LED Floods On, mini barn door open watchdog timeout, garage door open watchdog timeout and mailbox door open watchdog timeout.)
Flashing "Flame" LED Bulbs from three motion detectors (3 seconds on/off)
Rotating LED Party Bulb - human on front porch (1 minute on/off)

Update ...
Annunciator Position #5
Fix color, 1W yellow, LED bulb - Critical calendar dates/times.
I was able to use the new (Non Google) local "[Beta] Life Event Calendar by BPTWorld" to turn this switch/outlet, with yellow LED bulb, ON. Using HE Rules 5.1, at Sunset, I automatically turned OFF this yellow annunciator bulb OFF (daily) since most of my calendar events are finished between
9 AM - 5 PM.

What if the task was not done? Flashing yellow maybe?

I can manually turn off the switch/outlet on the annunciator or maybe turn it off at midnight for the
next day calendar event.

I can't see how your family members will know which light is for which purpose.

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I got them plainly marked on the annunciator and having to memorize only four fixed colors with red being the most critical alert color is easy for all my family members.
Please see the LED colors and types above.

Glad it works for your family. . . but . . . why not just using a dashboard on a display? I am obviously missing something here but as far as my WAF, it would be a challenge at best to sell her on this “tree” (I showed my wife the photo of the “tree” and the immediate response was Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!). Not a knock on your solution as it obviously works for your family, but what am I missing in terms of advantages of this display? I am still relatively new at this and am constantly learning from this community, so am genuinely curious. Thanks for any insight on this.


Taste is inherently subjective. And the good thing is that Hubitat can control a sufficient plethora of devices to meet most tastes.


I agree completely and did not mean any disrespect at all. Just wanted to know if I was missing something in terms of functionality of this approach.


I am very glad your wife liked my WTF "Christmas Tree" annunciator. Think of the money she could save by not buying a Christmas tree every year for Christmas! When the power fails, at my homestead, I will still have my complete home automation status at one quick glance :wink:

Will re-emphasize:

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Each hub (like HomeSeer, Hubitat HE, YoLink, FEIT) has its advantages and disadvantages due to deficiencies in hardware or software. Since I am a firm believer in having the most reliable home automation, security and control system then the "Hubitat Elevation Christmas Tree Annunciator R1" displays home automation alerts from NOT ONE but several Hubs or systems. In one second, I can ascertain my whole house alert automation system and my family members can also without wasting their time getting to their dashboards or other Apps. :wink:
BTW ... In my case, I would be searching for more than 4 applications to determine my home status. Having just one hub like HE would be so easy but having more than one is very time consuming.

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Again, I did not mean to offend. I did not realize that you were displaying the status of several hubs as this was not clear on your OP as your use case (I can see how this would consolidate the info from several different hub types in one place per your later post):

I misunderstood as on your OP you stated:

My bad. Sorry if this touched a nerve as I appreciate the effort you made to document your project in such detail. Also, having come from other home automation systems like yourself (and with over 35 years of doing so starting way back with X10 and later Stargate and other systems), I really appreciate this community and how everyone tries to contribute and share. Again, no disrespect intended.

Absolutely no offense taken. :grinning:

Being from the X10, UPB, Insteon, custom made Arduino projects days, in home automation,
I am a firm believer in not tying up ALL my resources with just one vendor. Wasting too much money in one technology can really hurt the wallet. That is why I always have several systems on hand to do my home automation, security and control. Acquiring data from all my systems is very challenging.

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