PROJECT: Doorbell Button w/ User Differentiation via Lutron Pico

I'm working on a simple project to replace my Sage-integrated doorbell using Lutron Pico button devices as doorbell buttons. (Given the life of Pico batteries, they will last well long enough for my satisfaction.). Nothing wrong with the current system other than the fact that I need to add a new door location to the system and would prefer not to run the wires for that.

The specific Pico I've chosen is a 2-button with a grey bottom button (PJN-2B-GWG-L01) & DIY custom icon labels to provide a visual indication to the user about which button to press. (The 'Night Light' indicator is a nice feature too). Each button will trigger a different sound; one for a 'Guest' and another for 'Parcel'.


The Picos will be paired with an Aeotec Z-Wave Siren 6 (AEZW164) which is half of the Aeotec Doorbell product.

Some of these other guys inspired me so thought I would share.

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Nice idea. It looks to be about $40 for that particular Pico.
How will you mount it so it doesn’t get stolen?
Will the UPS/Amazon delivery people take the time to notice and press the Parcel button? You may need to train them...

Yes. That pico is a few more bucks but it has two features (not otherwise available in a bullet-proof system I already have in use) which are (let's say) 'required' for my design.

In this case, I'm probably less concerned about the $ and more so about 'adopt-ability'. Because, as you say, "training" may be necessary. But, since that's not even remotely possible, this is (without using cameras & when it's used properly) as close as I can get to knowing why my doorbell rang without actually seeing the truck roll-up out front.

Theft is not really a concern in my area. But, my best idea for mounting is not so creative... For now, I'm planning to use the same Lutron face covers as I have everywhere else I use picos, just in a contrasting color to help the button visually stand-out a little more. Will have to see how that goes wrt WAF.

If one were to become very creative then the button might look something like this:


I wonder whether the driver would take the time to read the label.

As far as training them to do so, at least where I live, it’s hardly ever the same driver.

Also, where I live they often don’t even ring the bell.

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Same for me. Always different driver.

This project is actually a precursor to my plan to build a Parcel Locker at the side of my house. Not a big fan of those amazon, myQ, etc services to place your package in a secure location (garage, inside your home, your car, whatever). But, I don't mind the idea of hacking some amazon-supported device to make my Parcel Locker play along.

This whole 'training' experiment with the button may or may not work out. But, it will give me insight into the possibility of guiding a driver with a package to my easily accessible side door. Nowadays, my packages go to this side door about 25% of the time naturally. Wondering if I can improve that score with signage of any kind like a dedicated Parcel arrival Button. The 'special' amazon delivery service may also help with directions to my future locker.