Instructable: Wireless Doorbell with Lutron Pico

Since I purchased my Lutron switches, I have a lot of pico spares (the price of the combo is almost the same as a single unit)

After reading another post about pico switches, I thinked about what I need: a doorbell...

I made today my wireless Doorbell, using simple tools: sand paper, a cutter, a simple plate (Lowes, Home-depot, etc), some reusable adhesive (Instant TAC) and some ideas.
Because it's a pico, you can manage it to behave like you want.
a single push => regular people
long push => friends and family

Simple as absolutely integrated into HE :joy:
Pictures are below. You're smarter than HE, so no more explanations needed.

Finished and installed !


That is really clever!
It even looks like a door bell!

How is it standing up to our cold winter weather?
(No snow yet, North of Toronto)...

If only Lutron would make a one-button Pico... :frowning:

will see in the forecoming winter. Quebec here. If that pico can hold the winter and if you don't live in Antartica, your pico will survive too ! :laughing:

so far, so good (-7 C / 19F) since a week: doorbell is working as expected

To be fair, I've been very pleased with some Lutron switches that I've installed. They seem to be a real quality product!

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they are. good quality, very reliable, works perfectly with HE (without installing a neutral wire) and still working if HE is stopped (for any reason)

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Interesting idea, but what do you set it to control to ring?

Absolutely no link. I just set rules to receive a message depending of the way the button was pushed (single push, double push for friends). Because it's a Pico, it's open to merge it with any rule into HE

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oh ok got it. I thought it will actually rings some sort of bell

when you "ring" mine, it plays a message to my Google mini (msg is different if short or long push on the pico), send me notification (someone/friends in the front door) and plays a chime into another Google Mini. And plays nothing if night or week-end :slight_smile:

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is this still working? I wonder if it can handle the cold winter

I change the battery every year (Quebec here: temperature in the winter around -20C) without any other problems