Doorbell Wireless Button

Does anyone have a good reference for a small battery powered button that can be mounted outside for use as a doorbell to trigger a Zooz siren/doorbell? I can't seem to find any good results.

Maybe not what you are looking for but another community member creates a doorbell with a Pico remote:

Via button controller you could then trigger the Zooz siren.

Aeotec doorbell solution has both a outdoor button and indoor chime/siren/light.

Button $16

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A Samsung Zigbee button would technically do what you're asking, but it depends on how exposed it is. If you're going to install it in a semiprotected location, I should think it would work for a good period.

I've 3d printed some mounting brackets with screw holes and magnets that hold the button very well, its conceivable there's one on thingiverse that might shield the button a bit too.


For a more traditional look, wire a standard doorbell button up to a contact sensor. This is what I do at my home.

My house never had a doorbell button before so I added one, ran the wires down to the basement and connected them to the reed switch of a door/window sensor.

This also solves the problem here in Toronto where it gets so cold in the winter that peoples doorbell button batteries die very quickly