Please help with Kwikset 888

Oh gosh, sorry. I have too many devices, I was thinking of the new keypad I received in terms of location of firmware info, instead of my lock. I'll check when I get home later for the lock numbers. It's paired to ST, as that is pretty good at listing firmware,
It Says:

The raw description of the device appears to contain "ver:4.71"

Mine is 450248, and as far as the firmware
Here's what mine looks like,
Warning-graphical photo ahead

House came with an 888, originally paired to an IQ Panel2, no issues. When I switched Hubitat, it excluded and paired up without a problem. Seems to be working without connection issues.

On the Hubitat side of things though, it uses the Default Z-Wave Lock driver, but that doesn't account for the configuration parameters that are special for the lock itself, such as whether to auto-lock and auto-lock timeout, leds and sounds statuses.
Pages 4-8 in the manual:
More info:

As a new Hubitat user, is there a better driver for this specific device? How can I query and set the specific configuration parameters? What is the starting point for creating a new driver that knows about the specific settings? (is this something the Hubitat folks will build or should I write a driver on my own?)


get yourself the "basic z-wave tool" driver from one of the forums and you can set the parameters, then change driver back to the lock driver.

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This a reasonable work around. But I would like to actually create a driver that incorporates these parameters into the UI.

Is the Default Z-Wave Lock driver (or similar) available to copy and expand upon?

Ummmm, you'd have to check on the public hubitat driver github. MostHE drivers are "hidden" although I think this one is out there for modifying

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It isn't available in Hubitat's GitHub. There are two routes you could take (probably more).

First, I really like @Rxich's suggestion to use Basic Z-Wave tool to set the parameters you want, and then switch back to the Generic Z-wave lock driver.

Second, you could take the SmartThings Generic Z-Wave lock device type handler, port it to Hubitat, and then add what you want from Basic Z-Wave tool to it.

I would find the first route easier, but then, I'm no programmer.

I think I found it !


Wishes I would of read this before I purchased. Paired but can’t operate it. Can’t retrieve codes. I could of paid only $50.00 to get a dumb keypad lock.

Hmm.. I have a Kwikset 888 and it is paired with Hubitat. I can control is from Hubitat and also change/add/delete codes.

It looks like your lock is not paired "securely" and while it will show up, you will not be able to operate it from Hubitat. It took me a couple of tries to get it to pair properly but it works well. A couple of things that I had to do:

  • Put in a Z-Wave repeater between the hub and the lock (it was about 30 ft away)

  • Bring the hub really close to the lock to pair it (it was literally sitting on top of the lock). I got a long ethernet cord and used a USB charger to power the hub.

  • Give it a little bit of time once the lock shows up in Hubitat. Don't hit "save" right away - I gave it about 2-3 minutes once the lock showed as "paired" in Hubitat.

Once it pairs securely, you should be able to operate it from Hubitat.


Correct, their lock is not paired correctly/fully.

I tried that but it still won’t pair securely.

It took me a while to get it to pair. Not sure what else to tell you - it finally did pair for me and it does work. There is also a thread that talks about switching out the Z-Wave controller in the lock for a Zigbee controller but not sure that is worth it.

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Third time is a charm. I waited over 10 minutes before saving and it paired securely.


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Amazingly my Kwikset 910's with a zwave card has never given me a problem in 5 years I have used them.


I think that the reason that the hub has to be close to the lock, and the reason that it takes so long is the same reason. I think this is because there is a lot on data being passed (keys) between the hub and the lock, and it just takes a long time to do that.

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I know it doesn't help to hear but I also have had no trouble with my kwikset zwave or schlage zwave locks. I believe the issues people have go beyond just the lock. Just my opinion though.

Honestly I think it's bad mesh's that causes locks so many issues. I paired mine the old fashion way that ST always had recommended.. pair the lock next to the hub and after its paired give it a extra 15-30 minutes to firmly link up then put it where you need it at making sure you built your mesh correctly first.

Make sure you have zigbee/zwave repeaters already paired to hub first and the mesh is stable then add the locks because they will depend on those repeaters if to far from the hub.

This has always worked for me.

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