Philio & zipato smart energy meter



Just wondering if anyone knows if the Philio or Zipato smart energy meter works with any existing DH in hubitat or if there is a custom DH out there anywhere?



@mike.maxwell do you know if the Zipato will work with any built in or third party device handlers?
This is the exact product but an AU version:


Sorry, I do not.


You'll find out soon. @njanda ordered one


That sound promising. If I had the knowledge to write a DH I would. It is the only energy meter I can find for Australia so love to get it working.
Looking forward to see if you can develop anything for this @njanda


Ha, don’t hold your breath. I’m no coder so it’ll be blind luck. I saw a bargain and thought, why not. :laughing:

See here:


Haha. Same as I but I got the zipato brand at around $30 instead of 99. They look identical.


Wow, at that price why don't you guys chip in, buy one and send it to someone that can code and is willing to take on the project for you.


@braetonpearson, I’m up for that. Do you want to grab another one of the Zipato ones, as they’re cheaper, and I’ll share costs.


Yep, no prob. Anyone willing to develop this? Are Hubitat team looking to put this device into their base @mike.maxwell or @bravenel ?


Ok, so the Philio SEM arrived and paired up to the Hub OK but it does not associate with any known drivers, as far as I can ascertain.

Manufacturer: 013C
Product Name: Device
Model Number: Unknown Part Number
deviceTypeId: 14

I've no idea what else to do than to start looking around the forums now. :slight_smile:


I have been doing exactly that. No luck on Zipato but looking into other energy device handlers and the documentation I received with the unit. Trying to understand the coding as all I want out of this device is instantaneous watts.


I've loaded up a driver from HERE and some data is being reported.
Have to wait a while for the polling and ensure you have a good power load to be detected.


@njanda, have you got a screen shot of what is being reported?


from the Device page:


interesting. did you use that driver as is or make changes to it?

I don't get anything.


IGNORE - It doesn't work : I used it "as is", but Like I said I had to wait a while for data to come through.
Take the dog for a walk, go grab a coffee, come back in 1/2 hr... he he he
Dashboard tile....

the 3 watts is due to me monitoring the power being consumed by my Ni-MH battery charger. :slight_smile:


IGNORE - It doesn't work : I'm also not saying it's working perfectly, not at all.
I'm sure it could be better but it seems to be "something"


I just tried this one and it does what I need:


@vjv's driver , not the "Custom Laundry Monitor" one ?
There's a few in that post.
I'll give it a go because it seems the one I thought was working, is not updating