Philio & zipato smart energy meter



same. the one i tried is not updating automatically either


the search continues...


messy way to achieve goal but just created a rule to refresh the energy meter every 10 seconds. See how it goes but so far so good.


Do you not get this error in the logs ?



Are you able to detail your steps for this please? I've got it paired, and using that device code from the page you linked, but i'm not getting anything. I'm not sure why. I'm hit refresh dozens of times, yet nothing. Configure etc.


Sorry for the late reply. No errors. The preferences of the custom driver does not allow to turn logs on/off.


@mike try turning the clamp around. if on the incorrect way it may all read zeros.

To refresh I done this:





Yeah I've tried it both ways.

What handler are you using?

Edit: the driver you linked is a laundry thing, I think.


@mike I am sure it is the one I listed above.


Go to the thread I linked above and scroll down the the driver listed by "vjv" use that one.


Title: Aeon HEM Gen5(zwave plus)
By: Dillon A. Miller


Yes, That's the driver I've been using and I now understand what you said about "updating" because when I first go into the Device page it only displays a portion of the returned data but if I hit refresh, I get the missing data displayed.
Thx for your help.


Would anyone be able to get the second clamp to display as well?

Currently, with the driver below, this is what it displays


It's adding up both clamp 1 and clamp 2 and putting the total in the power attribute (see above).

It does not seem to be reporting these clamps independently.

Here is the driver
Here is the user manual. I cant seem to make sense of it. The parameters in the driver bear no relation to the parameters in the manual.

@adamkempenich Tagging Adam, as you seem to be able to surf a (Z)wave.


Funny enough. I think I have the US model of that. It’s one of four devices I have yet to install in my new house, though. Maybe I’ll find time to fire it up in the next week or so.
@mike To confirm—you want it to display both power levels? I wonder if this might be better off as a parent/child device. I’ll take a look at what I can do, if nobody else has already :slight_smile:



Yes, to display both power levels. I have solar, and would like one of the clamps to display house usage, and the other to display solar generation (or export).

There is a child/parent DH for a HEM, but I dont think it's Philio/zipato compatible. It's not for me.

Appreciate it Adam.


Thanks @adamkempenich, I'll also be keeping an eye on this for whatever you can put up. :slight_smile:
Llike @mike, I too would use one of these, Philio Energy Meters, with my solar system


@mike I DO have a Philio multi-switch, but mine doesn't have the energy meter---only the contact detector. Regardless, I'll take a look at the driver :slight_smile:


Hey Adam, did you ever take a look at the Philio HEM driver ??
Specifically if a driver could be modified to make use of BOTH sensor clamps ?
Currently I'm using the inbuilt Aeon HEMv5 that reports;

cc @mike & @braetonpearson1



Not yet. Any chance you could send an Amazon link to the one you have? Mine doesn't have the power meters—so I'd like to make sure it works right. I think I can find time this week.


@adamkempenich, I couldn’t find an Amazon link but about 6 posts up this thread @mike has posted the driver we’re currently using and the device manual.
Anything else just holler :+1:t2: