Aussie Special offers


Hey Aussies,
I saw this special offer online today.
(Philio Z-wave Plus Smart Energy Meter | Capital Smarthomes)

Whether it is a GOOD deal or not, I cannot say as I've never used any Philio products but at over $100 bucks OFF it is a significant saving over the listed price of $165.00. :slight_smile:

Philio & zipato smart energy meter
Philio & zipato smart energy meter

Worth a try. Energy monitors are pretty expensive for you normally. Nice find!


That’s what I thought so I grabbed one :point_up:


Does it work with HE?


Dunno. I just ordered it last night. Lol
At that price I just took a punt.


Same. Thanks for the heads up.


Mine still has not shipped. Anyone?


Same here. Grrr


Arriving today, says Australia Post

On another issue do any of you Aussies have any tips as to zigbee smart light switch without a LED light. I've been using the 3Asmart home switches, which are good but I don't want them in the bedroom with the LED light.


My unit just arrived at my office.
Hopefully I'll get sometime this weekend to try to add it to my system.
The User Manual is labelled up as PAB01 and can be found HERE if you're interested in reading up. :slight_smile:

The actual unit is labelled up as ZWBCSEM which is linked to Black Cat Control Systems but the actual manufacturer appears to be Philio Technology Corporation.


@Somel posted this link; Geekrav Zigbee Switches
I haven't checked whether they're compliant with AUS/NZ though


I assume those energy meters are going to be the Australian zwave frequency? I’m in Australia but use the US frequency...


yes AUS/NZ freq.
Looking for a driver now.....


Hey Mike,
Just wondering if you've had more success than me getting these things to report back anything reliably ?


NO, have not even tried, or had the time. Looks like an electrician's job to connect it?

Did you connect it yet?


No not permanently. I figured I’d try to get it working before getting it finally wired up.
I’ve got it wired to a 3 pin plug and 1 clamp around the active core in a “jug plug” that’s powering a spare pc.