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Yeah, tried that.

Anyone want to have a go at writing a driver for this?


ahhh, I got yah.
But as Mike asks - any chance you'd be interested in creating a driver for them ?
The User Manual is labelled up as PAB01 and can be found [HERE] if you're interested in reading up.


Hmmm, I wonder if @mike.maxwell would take a look at these, and the manual where it lists the command parameters in the hope that an existing driver might be similar . :slight_smile:
No harm in asking, right.


I get this from the previous driver I stated in the other thread:


I get energy, power, cost, voltage and current. All I utilize is the power. This is in kW and is on my main incoming line. I have this to measure outgoing power that I export to the grid from my solar. I have the clamp meter turned around the opposite way as the device only measures 0-60 odd amps and wont show negatives.

From this information I can automate items to turn on when I have excess (free) power.


Wow, that's a lot more data than I get using what I think it the same driver;
Driver I'm using ...

Driver Page....

I do only have a single clamp connected. Not sure if that would have any effect. ??


NO. I have only the single.


That's exactly what I grabbed the unit for so it's great to know that it works. I'll have to get it properly installed and then retest it.


this is the one you want:
Title: Aeon HEM Gen5(zwave plus)
By: Dillon A. Miller


I currently just turn a particular light green to 5% to indicate the export is above 'X' kW. This provided an indication to put on dishwasher, washing machine etc without looking at a number on the screen. The usage of an LED light @5% is negligible when exporting. Eventually I will automate some items fully.


Thanks, I got it working. I believe the issue was that I didnt have the device on main circuit (just my computer), so it couldnt measure the small amount.

Knowing that you had it working, we had the same device, and the same device handler helped me.......appreciate the response..


This is a surprise !!


yikes, mine didnt cost that much imported