Peanut Plug supported on Hubitat?

I saw on this thread that people were using the Peanut Plug as a zigbee repeater. Just picked one up and Hubitat isn't discovering the device.

Unfortunately the mobile app requires an Almond router to pair the device and update the firmware, so if it's an outdated firmware issue then I'm out of luck.

The old firmware will still work for on/off and repeater. You have change your Hubitat hub Zigbee channel below 20. Works best around 18 to 20. Just the power reading is not working with the old or new firmware.

Thank you, that resolved it.

  1. The plug is showing up as Device but nothing is appearing under Commands or Current States. Basically just a blank device. I'm not sure what's going on with that but it doesn't seem to have any functionality.

  2. Will my zigbee mesh automatically integrate it, or do I need to reset my zigbee devices to get them to reconnect to the repeater? And, is there a way to tell if a device is routing through the repeater?

Seems maybe it didn't auto-detect. Try setting it's type to Generic Zigbee Outlet.

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Just Like @jon1 said. Go into the device page and change the driver.

The Zigbee mesh will be taken care of by the hub but sometime it will take a while depending on the size of your mesh. You can also start a mesh repair by shutdown your hub for about 15 mins.


That did it, thank you!

I just picked up some Peanut plugs and my hub is not discovering them. Above someone says that the Zigbee channel needs to be below 20. Is this true? Mine is 22 and just changed it a couple weeks ago to help the mesh get better.

My Peanut Plug works great on channel 20, along with all of my other Zigbee devices.

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I have the same experience. Four Peanut plugs - and they're fine on Channel 20, which I think was selected as the default zigbee channel.

Yeah, between channel 18 to 20 is the sweet spot to get all the devices working. I have this post on the peanut and GE switch.


Thanks. I changed to channel 20 and all my new Peanut plugs were discoverable.


The great thing about standards is, that there are so many of them....


My Peanut Plugs connected fine. The problem I have is, on my dashboard I have them as outlets. Intermittently when I toggle them, they will operate as soon as I push the tile/button, but the dashboard tile goes to an hour glass and says "sending" and will not operate for quite a while until it clears. This is on both the phone and PC local dashboard. If I go to the Device/Commands and "refresh", it corrects everything on the dash. It's as if it doesn't refresh for some reason. It's configured generic Zigbee on channel 20. What have I missed?

That's a separate dashboard issue and not anything to do with the peanut plugs themselves.

It's been a common complaint lately:

Dashboard Not Refreshing and Dashboard needs refreshing

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Im not sure that is the same dashboard issue if the device itself needs a refresh to get its state in sync.

Not happening with any other devices including Monoprice plugs. These are the first Zigby devices I've tried though. Could this be something related to Zigby? And it happened immediately when I installed each of the two plugs I purchased.

Try clicking the CONFIGURE button on the Peanut Plug Device Page within your Hubitat Hub. This will make sure the Peanut Plug knows what it needs to send back to the Hub when a status change occurs. Afterwards, verify the status updates correctly when you click ON and OFF from within the same Device Details web page. If the status updates correctly, then try the dashboard again.

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Does the state update correctly in the device edit page when you press the button on the device itself? @ogiewon beat me to it with the configure button.


The configure thing is currently working. But I also think I went through all the buttons before. But maybe I missed "configure". But at this point it's working again and THANKS! This is an intermittent problem so keeping my fingers crossed.
The second answer is that it does not update on the device page either. If I toggle the state to off or on, the indicated state on the device page doesn't change until I tell it to update. It changes immediately then. So the Tile is just following the state on the device page.

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I have 13 zigbee outlets and the only ones that ever get stuck on the dashboard are the peanuts. They are also the only ones I have ever had to rejoin to the network (over and over). They seem more reliable with the generic zigbee switch driver. I will say that I changed to channel 15 last Sunday, from 20, and haven’t had any of them drop off yet. My GE in wall zigbee dimmers, and Hue dimmers also are working well on 15 fwiw.

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