Frankly, it is hard to understand what any of this means:

  1. We don't know which OwnTracks integration you are using on your Hubitat (we get it that you're using the iOS OwnTracks app).
  2. We don't know what your Geofency setup is, so it is impossible to guess why it works sometimes but not others.
  3. We don't know what your Maker API setup looks like, so it is unclear what "won't let me change anything" means.

Please read the post linked below, and provide the requisite information, so that it is feasible to debug your OwnTracks and Geofency installations ...


First and for most I’m not sure what was confusing about my post I needed help setup up OwnTracks I did not know that there was more than one out there second I did post pictures of what I did and how I had it set up but I was told to take them down yes they had some information on them but that was the only way to show what I did and how I did
But I must say I was told people were nice and very helpful on but over the last year that I have posted several thing’s and people have been nothing nasty and rude there’s only been a few people that were nice and actually had impute about a problem and helped but anyway I may or my not have figured it out I guess I will find out

The most confusing thing about your posts to me is that we still do not know what you are using on the Hubitat side (the screenshots you shared were also mostly of OwnTracks itself, but the one I saw that was from the hub wasn't enough to tell anything about the driver in use). People are normally happy to help if you share the information requested to the best of your ability. There have been several requests for information that were not sufficiently answered, making it impossible to troubleshoot more--for example, which OwnTracks integration you are using. :slight_smile:

Maybe we can start there?

It seems you don't know which one you are using, so the next step to figure that out is to share where you got it from. As I mentioned (twice) above, you had to have added the code to your hub somehow since this is a custom driver, not something built-in. How did you do that, and where did you get it from? (If the answer is "HPM," go into HPM and do a "View Apps and Drivers" to see what you actually installed--that alone is unlikely to help, but this will.)


No one intends to be nasty or rude, I assure you.

It’s just that you need to provide certain details and answer some of the specific questions others are asking you. Otherwise it’s not really possible to help troubleshoot.


I am sorry you would be correct I did not provide enough information
I downloaded OwnTracks from Hpm I have a iPhone 14 I thought I had it working but just took the wife to work and unfortunately it did not work from what I can see I followed the instructions so not sure what I did wrong

Let me know what other information you may need I would really I to get this working

The Version of the app is

I do apologize if I was a ■■■ this thing has me pulling my hair out and for whatever reason all my other presence stuff only works when it wants to to lately and life 360 has been disconnected for most smart home platforms

This is insufficient information. If you would like the community to assist you, you'll need to provide the following information.

  1. Which OwnTracks integration? As has been repeatedly pointed out - there are two, and and they are setup differently.
  2. Screenshots of how you set it up on Hubitat.

Once it is established how the integration is setup on your hub, the next step will be to see how it is setup on your phone.

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I’m utterly confused about you you are looking for I’m only aware are one way to install it and set it up and I’m only aware of one Version I can post pictures of what I have I installed it in hmp and I downloaded the app form the iPhone App Store

Images with PII removed by Moderator

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As I mentioned above:

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Ok I will do that when I get home in a bit

Don’t know if any of this will help

That's Brian's (@brianwilson) version, the original, and the hardest of the two to set up... :slight_smile:

Brian has stepped away from maintaining that version actively.

The newer integration is the way to go, simpler setup and developer is very active/responsive.

It is available in HPM - current version is 1.16.18 IIRC.

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BTW details that won’t help us troubleshoot include your name and geolocation with latitude/longitude coordinates.

Perhaps it’s not concerning to you. But now literally anyone on the internet knows your name is Andy and that you live in Buffalo (pages from this forum are open to all and indexed in search engines like Google).

But if it is, you should redact those details.



Strong suggestion that you use HPM to uninstall the Owntracks integration you've been trying to set up - it is an older integration, is more complicated to install, and it is no longer being actively maintained by the developer.

Instead install this version from HPM:
2024-01-18 09_07_13-Hubs, Network, & Tech

2024-01-18 09_07_25-Hubs, Network, & Tech

When you launch the app that installs there is info directly in the app that helps you through initial setup.

There is also a topic here where you can get help installing it from other users of the integration, and the developer of it:

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I was unaware that there was 2 of them thank you

I get your point and I did thanks them down


I did uninstall the app think I will just leave it be till I migrate over to my c8 Geofency just completely stopped working and don’t know why but maybe I will try locative I how ever will need help with the maker api cause I’ve never used it

:astonished: :grinning:

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