I need help I can seem to get OwnTracks to work not sure what I’m doing wrong I will put pictures with post this is driving me crazy

There are at least two different community OwnTracks integrations for Hubitat. You should post your query in the developer's thread for the OwnTracks integration that you are using.


Don’t know I would even find that I’ve searched every trend about this

Access tokens might be best kept secret. :thinking:


You would be correct didn’t realize that was in there

I found two as the first two search results when I searched for "OwnTracks":


I don't know which one you're using so can't say which it is, or perhaps yours is another one entirely.

Regardless, you had to get it from somewhere. If that place was HPM (not so much a place if its own as much as something that brings together these other places), you should be able to find a Readme or documentation link that may help, or most authors put something similar on their GitHub. The code added to your hub may also say.


I have iphone one

You will need to know the actual source or author of your integration. How or where did you obtain it? If HPM, again, you can view "package" information in HPM that should tell you.

Both of the ones at the top of the results I linked to work on iOS or Android, and each differ only on what is needed on the Hubitat side (both use the OwnTracks mobile app). So knowing your mobile platform of choice won't help you figure that out.

I see you've also posted in one of the above topics already.


@user3991 You should consider editing your pics and removing the identifiable location data and the token in the pics.

I removed one of your pictures as it was revealing your hub details.


Seriously, please edit your post. These pics include your name, a timestamped geolocation with latitude/longitude and your street address :face_with_peeking_eye:.


If you are using an iPhone OwnTracks would be the last option I would suggest. It's the most complex to configure and has features that most won't use. If you have an Apple Home Hub (Apple TV of recent generations or Home Pod) you can use a virtual switch with presence. Other good app options are Geofency ($5) and Locative (free). They all perform at about the same level.

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It won’t let me

I do have Apple TV
I already use Geofency but it only work about 70% of the time

Locative I’ve try but I’m lost on how to set it up


For the Apple Home method: in Hubitat create a virtual switch with presence device. Share it to Apple Home via Hubitat's HomeKit app. In Apple Home set up 2 automations. One to turn on the shared virtual switch when arriving and the other to turn off the switch when leaving.

Geofency works essentially 100% for me, as does Apple Home and Locative. Make sure Location permission is set to 'Always' and both Background App Refresh and Cellular Data are on. In the app preferences turn on 'Location Accuracy'.

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The maker api is where I’m having the problem cause it won’t let me change anything I’ve tried several times

I have everything in Geofency set right and it only works right if I’m lucky about 70% of the time

It’s hard to understand what that means. Perhaps if you describe in more detail, and share screenshots of your maker API settings page, it would be clearer.