[ON_HOLD] Aqara E1 thermostat TRV driver

The work on this driver is temporarily put on hold because of the intensive work for the Matter Bridge project.

The first tests for using Aqara E1 thermostat via Aqara Matter Bridges (E1, M2, M3, G3) are successful!. This includes configuring an external temperature sensor (from Aqara Home app).

The driver is designed to support different types and models of TRVs and thermostats. Currently, supported TRVs are the Sonoff TRVZB, Moes BRT-100, and now Aqara E1.

The first version of this driver provides basic support only. Note, that an important (at least for me) feature is missing in Aqara E1 thermostat - this is the thermostatOperatingState. Aqara does not report back to the hub when the valve is open or closed.. : ( This is to be partially compensated in a future version, simulating the state based on the difference between the set temperature and the internally measured temperature.


Aqara E1 thermostat can be purchased from here :

Amazon .de : (link1)
Amazon .co.uk : (link2)
Amazon. fr : (link3)
Amazon. it: (link4)


  • thermostatMode:
    • heat : 5.0 .. 35.0 degrees C (step is 0.5 degrees C)
    • away - switches the TRV to awayPresetTemperature
    • off - switches the TRV anti-freeze mode (TBD)
      Note: the 'auto' mode (programming a weekly schedule in the TRV itself for offline operation) is not supported
  • childLock - allows locking the TRV manual control
  • windowOpenDetection - switches the window open detection on and off
  • valveDetection - enables/disables the valve operation diagnostics (TBD)
  • awayPresetTemperature - sets the temperature in 'away' mode

The custom driver for Hubitat can be manually installed from this link in GitHub :


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I had a previous thermostat, I had a rule set in Hubitat that when I open a window, turn off the heaters.

I replaced the thermonstat with an Aqara TRV - E1, used your great controller, however, I can't change my rule - because neither of the two thermostats is in the thermostat group :frowning:

Tell me please, can this be the fault of the driver?

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Hi @widmo ,

Thank you for the feedback! Can you please give some more details, this may help me to identify the issue, probably related also to the Google Home integration problem that I still can not replicate .

Can you post a screenshot of where exactly the Aqara E1 TRV is not shown in a thermstostats group?
Something like this :

(you may need to join the Hubitat owners group on this community, so you can post images).


Device list

And new action for thermostats:

On my C-7 hub, the Rule Machine action looks like this :

Note the 'Set thermostats' drop-down menu on the right, which is not visible on your schreensot - what do you have there?

It's set thermostat :slight_smile:

What is your HE platform version?

(I am most probably on a newer version, will have to revert to your HE version try to reproduce the issue)


Hardware Version: C-7

Software version?

Platform Version

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I have reverted back to software platform version, but still can not reproduce this issue.
Did you install the driver before pairing the Aqara E1 thermostat, or it was already paired to the hub?
If later, from the Configuration button parameters list, select "LOAD ALL DEFAULTS" and then click on the button above.

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I added the first thermostat, then found your brilliant driver.
The second thermostat I added right away with your driver.

Now that I changed the driver of one of the devices to "Generic Zigbee Thermostat" The device is visible in the actions to be performed.

Changing to your driver again, makes the device disappear.

LOAD ALL DEFAULTS - I executed, but nothing helped.

Unfortunately, I can not reproduce this problem ( 'Thermostat' capability not recognized by HE built-in apps).

I suppose you have already updated your hub to HE new platform version 2.3.7.x - is there any change?

Hi, I fixed problem, by adding:

capability 'Thermostat'

to driver code.

Now all Aqura thermostats are visible in thermostat rules.

Thanks for help kkosev! :slight_smile:

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Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:!

@widmo this driver latest version 3.0.6 already had a Thermostat capability, but I have used double quotes :

Are you saying that after using singe quotes in the capability declaration, the RM5 rules are recognizing the device, but when using double quotes it didn't :thinking:?

Please post a screenshot of the same section as it is now working in your modified code, thank you!

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:!

I think we have the solution to the puzzle,
I use the controller from the link:

[OLD] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kkossev/Hubitat/development/Drivers/Aqara%20E1%20Thermostat/Aqara_E1_Thermostat_lib_included.groovy

because I couldn't find another link (and I searched on github!).
My driver is version 2.1.5, from November this year, but it's good to know that there is already version 3.0.6!

Now, I found the correct link:

[NEW] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kkossev/Hubitat/development/Drivers/Zigbee%20TRV/Zigbee_TRV_lib_included.groovy

Thanks and sorry for the problem (one place with up-to-date links would be wonderful :))

Everything works!

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